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June 2, 2006

Jason Williams


Q. Jason, did you have a feeling coming into the game that you were going to have a strong night shooting and just a kind of strong all-around game?
JASON WILLIAMS: I feel like that every night. I feel like all my shots are going to go down. Just this series they haven't been going down. The guys have been on my back, stay aggressive and they're going to fall, and tonight they did.
Q. Is this the best night of your professional career, other than the draft?
JASON WILLIAMS: Oh, man. I had my two kids when I was in the NBA, so that's the best two nights of my professional career right there, but this ranks right up there. Like I said, we've still got work to do. We've still got to start Sunday at practice and get ready for the next series.
Q. When you think back at all the questioning people did about the makeup of this team, can you describe how the team came together during the playoff run?
JASON WILLIAMS: I don't think we came together during the playoff run; I think we came together throughout the whole season. We had injuries and you guys doubting us, saying we couldn't come together as a team and Pat never let us listen to you guys and never let us believe that. We took it one game at a time and do what we got to do.
Q. Coach Riley has said that he felt your team really jelled during the playoffs. How did you see that?
JASON WILLIAMS: I think that's pretty accurate. Pat is a great guy to play for, especially if you're a veteran team like we are. He knows how to control us and how to practice us and argue a little bit together or amongst one another. Like I said, we've got to take it one game at a time, and the sky is the limit.
Q. Did you feel any extra responsibility given that going into the game Dwyane wasn't feeling well and there was a chance that he wasn't going to be able to perform that well?
JASON WILLIAMS: Not really. I just wanted to come out and try to do what I always try to do, be aggressive and knock down open shots, and luckily they were falling for me tonight.
Q. How much has your attitude changed since early on in your career?
JASON WILLIAMS: I still really don't care about much, man, just like early in my career. But it's winning time.
My other two teams I've been on I didn't realistically think we had a chance to win a championship. Now being down here with all these guys, that's been our goal from day one.
Q. You and Shaq are constantly talking on the floor. It seems like he's always telling you where he wants the ball or could get the ball in certain situations. What did you guys talk about today and how much did you notice out of him that he was ready to have a big performance to make up for Dwyane not being 100 percent?
JASON WILLIAMS: It's something that you guys I don't think see. When he walks in the arena on game night, you can just tell what kind of game he's going to play or what kind of game he wants to play just by his attitude and the way he's talking to people. I'm not saying he's coming in cussing people out but you can tell by his demeanor and the way he acts that he's ready to play.

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