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May 29, 2006

Tayshaun Prince


TAYSHAUN PRINCE: We did a good job starting the third quarter off, played a little bit of zone here and there, confused them a little bit. I thought we kind of stayed in the zone a little bit too long. After they called a time-out, they kind of got adjusted to what we were doing. But that doesn't matter, Wade, Shaq, they're still shooting at a high percentage. If they continue to shoot the way we're shooting, we don't have a chance. But as poorly as we played in the first half, to be down six points was -- it was pretty good in our situation. We closed the first half off on a good note. If it wasn't for our bench players, we wouldn't have had a chance at all tonight. I thought Dale and Lindsey did a miraculous job. At the time we were down 10, 12, during the game at a crucial point in the game and they made plays. Obviously just a tough situation, down 3-1 now. For us right now it's a situation where we've just got to play every game like it's our last. That's the only chance that we have, and that's it.
Q. How demoralizing is the loss?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: I mean, it's tough. Like I told you guys last time after we lost the last game, we've put ourselves in this situation so many times, being down, going up in the series and then the other team coming back and taking advantage in the series, obviously it's catching up with us. But like I said, it's not over. We've got to take it one game at a time. Obviously we've got to take care of our home court coming up here and can't worry about anything else other than that.
Q. You guys have always been able to finish the job. You made good runs in the second half to get back into position and then faded a bit. What do you see?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: We played great getting back into the game, Chauncey taking us there in the third, made plays, doing things real well, kind of confusing them a little bit, just there for a little bit in the third quarter giving ourselves a chance to get back into the game. And then here we go, Shaq gets a basket, Wade gets a basket, shooting 50 free throws. I mean, that's a tough situation for us already. Rasheed in foul trouble, Chauncey in foul trouble, Ben in foul trouble. Everything was happening bad for us, but we still had our opportunities. I thought Payton hit the biggest shot of the game there, the three he hit. Udonis Haslem had a terrific game. They had guys step up.
Q. You guys forced 15 turnovers but just two fast break points. Is that maybe one area where you'd like to exploit in this series, maybe gain an advantage?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: We had two fast break points, we're not getting the job done. They got 15 turnovers, we've got to do a better job than just two points. We should be in the double digits as far as the fast break points. But those things happen. I mean, the most important thing, like I said, we need to do is find a way to not let them shoot 55, 57. Once again, I think in the first half, they was closer to 60 than anything. That's the stuff we have to stop.
Q. Right or wrong, there's a lot of sentiment that you're not on the same page with Flip and there's some fracturing. How accurate is it?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: We can't worry about what's going on in that situation. I thought we did a great job of going out and playing basketball, but people have saw the toughness on the defensive end that we bring all the time hasn't been there lately. But I haven't had any problem with Flip, and I don't think any of the other players have had any problems with Flip. We just go out and try to win game. Miami is playing better. That's the problem more than anything.
Q. Is the defense really that bad, or is Miami just making incredible shots because you guys are only giving up in the mid 80s every game.
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Well, Dwyane Wade is hitting tough shots when he's going to the basket or he's hitting jump shots consistently in this series, so he's shooting at a high percentage. Obviously the Shaquille O'Neal situation when he gets in the paint, so those two guys, it's tough to keep them under 50 percent. That's why it's so important that the guys that everybody else is guarding have to try to keep them under their percentages and things like that. Like I said, still, at the same time, we've got to find a way to keep Shaq and Dwyane from shooting at a high pace like they are.

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