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May 28, 2006

Richard Hamilton

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q. You've been down to these guys before and come back and won the series. Does that give you confidence in this situation?
RICHARD HAMILTON: Well, I guess, regardless, we've been in a lot of tough situations. We've been down before and we tend to respond better. But we can't keep doing it. Like I said, if we're down 2-1 it's not the end of the world, but we've got to come out here and get a win.
Q. Do you ever think that you could be running out of your nine lives?
RICHARD HAMILTON: Man, we don't think that way. Like I said, we've got to figure out a way. They came out on our court and got a win, so we have to try to come out here and get a win from them.
Q. We know how big this game is, but talk about the difference between 3-1 and 2-2, how big a difference that is.
RICHARD HAMILTON: 3-1 and 2-2. 2-2 is tied, we get to go home and try to get a win at home. Like I said, it's important for us to try to get home court advantage back.
Q. Are you just focusing on Miami, they got a win at your place, you've got to come back and get one and even this up and make it an even series?
RICHARD HAMILTON: We wanted to try to get two, but we fell short of that last night. It's important for us to try to come out here and try to get one tomorrow.
Q. They shot almost 60 percent last night, had a lot of points in the paint. Give us your thoughts on that.
RICHARD HAMILTON: It's a crazy thing. Like I said, in Game 1 they shot 60 percent and in Game 3 they shot 60 percent. We've got to figure out a way. We've got to be all on a string. Right now they're getting too many easy baskets in the paint, and we can't have that.
Q. Talk about the resilience this team has. When people count you out, you guys always resurface and prove the skeptics wrong.
RICHARD HAMILTON: It's fun. We enjoy it, proving people wrong. We enjoy that. I think that we're a team that really never got a whole lot of credit until we actually won it. Sometimes it's better for us when people talk bad about us, we kind of respond better.
Q. How afraid are you that you might get in that position, that there's not going to be one this time and you can't get yourself out of it?
RICHARD HAMILTON: You can't think that way. That game is over. You've got another game coming up, and we've got to try to get a win.
Q. You and Chauncey got back into rhythm last night. Front court had their problems. How do you and Chauncey keep it up and get the front court resolved?
RICHARD HAMILTON: Like I said, we've just got to get a better flow. We've got to figure a way to get the big guys more easy baskets and just try to get in a position where they can make an easy basket.
Q. We've watched you guys play together for the last couple years now. It seems the last seven, eight games we've only seen that flash, that togetherness for spurts here and there. Is that a fair assessment and how do you snap out of it?
RICHARD HAMILTON: It's a crazy thing, like I said. Before the playoffs everything looked good, everything was rolling, everything about it had a great rhythm, and now it is so stagnant. Usually we might go through a five, six-minute stretch in a game. We want to get back to playing how we play and have fun. When we're out there smiling, laughing and pulling for each other, then good things happen for us.

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