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May 31, 2006

Dwyane Wade


Q. Were they doing anything different to you defensively tonight than they did the first four games?
DWYANE WADE: No, not really, nothing different, just trapping more to make me get off the ball. That's it.
Q. Just talk about the challenge you have having to win one of these next two?
DWYANE WADE: We did what we had to do. We'll go back to Game 6. We need one game to win. That's all we've got to do back at home. We know what we have to do. We got the split up here the first time so we're in the position we need to be in, and come out and give it all in Game 6 and see what happens.
Q. What happened tonight with the free throws? It kept you out of the game, the lack of production from the free throw line. Is that something that's been two games in a row now?
DWYANE WADE: I can't control the free throw line. I can't control that. We did what we always do on offense, got the shots that we wanted. We miss some, hit some at the free throw line. We can't control that part of the game.
Q. Do you feel that there's a lot of pressure -- all the pressure is on you guys now to win Game 6 so you don't have to come back here?
DWYANE WADE: There's no pressure on us at all. We don't look at this as pressure. We've got a golden opportunity to win Game 6 at home on our home floor. It's another game. We don't look at nothing as pressure. These are the conference champions. There's no pressure on us.
Q. You talked yesterday about how you like to set the tone in these sort of games and get off and have guys follow you. With them not letting you do that with the trapping and then Shaq in foul trouble, did that throw you guys off as far as the start you wanted tonight?
DWYANE WADE: Well, we got the shots that we wanted. We can't complain about that. Guys just didn't make the shots that we normally make. I'm confident in my teammates that we'll get an opportunity in Game 6 and we'll make them. We can't ask for better shots. They came out like we knew they was going to come out, pressure and energy, and we took the first couple punches and we still was there. Tonight they beat us to a lot of loose balls, tip-off. Give them credit, they played hard, they played like a desperate team.

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