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May 27, 2006

Antoine Walker


Q. Antoine, can you just talk about your decision-making tonight off of penetration, what you were seeing out there and how you thought you did?
ANTOINE WALKER: Well, after watching Game 2, I felt like I forced a couple threes I had to take, so I wanted to drive a lot tonight, and I got opportunities to just drive the ball to the basket. It wasn't necessarily to score, it was just to make plays. We can't have Dwyane being the only one out there making plays. I get in a pick-and-roll situation and get the ball kicked back out to me, I try and make plays out of it. It's more or less studying film, seeing where I can be effective and really trying to take advantage of my opportunities when they come.
Q. Talk about Monday, how important will it be and how big is it going to be? Just also the two plays that you made to Shaq tonight, the two dunks.
ANTOINE WALKER: Well, I think Monday is going to be huge. We've got to take it as a Game 7 type of game. We've got a golden opportunity to go up 3-1 and really put them behind the eight ball. They figure they're going to get Game 4, they figure they came and accomplished what they came to do, so we've got to play harder Game 4. Obviously they're going to make adjustments and we've got to be prepared for that. Game 4 becomes like Game 7 for us because it gives us an opportunity to put him behind the eight ball. Just like Shaq driving the ball to the basket and me throwing the ball to the rim, that's the great luxury of playing with Shaquille is you don't have to try to run guys up, you get in the middle and throw it up in the air and those guys usually finish.
Q. Playing with a guy like Wade and guys like Shaq, how -- when they're on like they were on tonight, what does that do to open up everything for everybody else?
ANTOINE WALKER: Well, it means like Detroit started doing in LA, they start double teaming so guys have to say aggressive. One thing with them, when they get it going, when opportunities come for you to shoot, score, make a play, you've got to do it because they do demand so much attention. Dwyane can get worn out, he's chasing Richard Hamilton and making plays for us, especially tonight he had four shots, had mid-range game going. When he's in the zone you sit back and watch and enjoy it. Obviously Shaquille really had it going, attacking the gloss, putting pressure on the offensive glass, just giving them a dose of their own medicine. I think Shaquille did a good job of that tonight.

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