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May 31, 2006

Pat Riley


Q. Pat, is it just inexplicable in a game that meant this much that guys go 6 for 18 from the line?
PAT RILEY: I thought it was 6 for 20. That's what I showed on my stat sheet. They played the game with super energy, and even though that was a factor, the loose balls, their plays and the shot clock. I thought the biggest play of the night was at 79-76 Shaquille blocks and Tayshaun hits a three. There were a number of those situations that in a game like this you've got to come up with on the defensive end, and we didn't. It's a Game 6.
Q. Does losing tonight make Game 6 almost a must-win for you guys because of the difficulty --
PAT RILEY: I don't want to get into that, but obviously you want to win so it's at home. When you go into a seven-game series and you don't have the home court advantage, the blue book says one win; one, two, try to get them in five, and then you're set up for what you did. That's what we have in front of us. We're playing the game at our place.
Q. Tayshaun Prince obviously carried the Pistons tonight. He shot about 64 percent. The rest of the starters shot 34 percent. What makes him to difficult to guard?
PAT RILEY: He's unorthodox in a way. He reminds me a lot of a player that I coached, Jamal Wilkes, had a very sort of -- a way about him that didn't look like he was doing something, and before you look at the stat sheet he's got 29. His shot comes from out here. Jamal used to wind up but it was like snow falling off a bamboo leaf, it was so smooth. The other night he had 11 points in the first quarter and didn't score the rest of the game but four points, but he had a monster game. We have to find a better answer for him.
Q. Coach, can you just talk about how the Pistons came out, definitely the best game of the series, and haven't played that great really -- not that tonight was great, but to this point this is probably the best basketball you've seen.
PAT RILEY: We know each other real well right now, and it will come down to -- effort plays will come down to who's making free throws, it will come down to who's rebounding the ball, not making turnovers. It will come down to those kinds of factors, at least that's been my experience. They played extremely well tonight in those areas.
Q. Can you talk about what happened in the fourth quarter a bit, 13 points, Shaq and Dwyane were the only people who scored?
PAT RILEY: Well, they took it to another level, they just did. They took their defense up to another level, and it was very intense. They were denying, they trapped Dwyane. I think we had some looks at the basket. You've got to make everything count. I think Shaquille had two or three point winning shots inside that didn't go down. I think we were 1 for 8 or on whatever fouls we did get, we were 1 for 7 or 8, so I think 13 points is indicative of a number of things.
Q. Have you ever seen Shaquille stuff before?
PAT RILEY: Not too often. I can't remember too often. There are some times when he puts it behind him. I think that's when Ben caught him. It was a hell of a play.

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