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May 28, 2006

Chauncey Billups

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q. Since last year you were down one game twice this series, is it that you sort of know this situation, and I don't think there's a comfort in it but a confidence that one game down in the Eastern Conference Finals is doable?
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: Yeah, I mean, we've been one game down in a lot of tough series. We're confident in these positions.
Do I like being down one, no, but, you know, we've been there before so many times and we're comfortable being in this position, and we know what it takes to get out of it.
Q. Are you almost in their head in this position, that they were up one twice on you last year, and at the end of the day --
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: No, I don't think we're in their head at all. They came out and played a great game yesterday, and I'm sure they feel like they can come out and play a great one tomorrow. I don't think by any means we're in their head at all. We've got to come out and not worry about what they're doing and what they're thinking about, and do what we're good at.
Q. What makes this Pistons team so resilient?
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: We just believe in one another. We've got confidence in one another at all times. Like I said, we never put too much pressure on ourselves no matter what situation we're in, whether we're up one, down one, down two. You know, we're always the same, know what I'm saying, we play the same. Maybe that's it.
Q. No satisfaction I assume from you even though you play well and the team loses?
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: Yeah, that don't mean nothing. That don't mean nothing.
Q. You weren't struggling to shoot the ball, at least you looked more like the Chauncey of the regular season?
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: Yeah, but this ain't got nothing to do with that, man. This is about wins and losses, and not, like I said a couple games ago, Chauncey Billups playing good against the Miami Heat. It's the Pistons and the Heat. We're down one. That don't mean nothing.
Q. Chauncey, you guys don't have as much confidence in the offense and the system --
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: Yeah, no doubt. We've got a lot of confidence in the plays that we run. We run a lot of different sets, a lot of different counters and things like that. I thought yesterday we ran some things sometimes that we probably shouldn't have ran at certain times of the game, but it's like that, and whatever play we run and whoever gets the shot, we feel confident that they're going to take the right shot and we're going to take advantage of it.
Q. Rasheed was very frustrated over the Hack-a-Ben or Hack-a-Shaq. What's going on with that?
CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: Losing is frustrating, man. Know what I'm saying, nobody is happy about the way that you play when we lose the game. I can expect that.

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