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May 26, 2006

Dwyane Wade

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q. Even though you guys came back but you lost last night, you can't be too unhappy splitting it with Detroit?
DWYANE WADE: No, we're not happy about losing Game 2. We didn't go there for a split. We take every game for what it is. We know we've got to get over it now, Game 3 tomorrow on the home floor, so we're going to come out with a lot of energy and effort early on, and we'll see where that gets us.
Q. You seemed a little angry about some of those tactics after the game last night. Did the team share your anger? Do you guys just generally feel the Pistons are not an above-board bunch?
DWYANE WADE: I'm not here to talk about what they did. Whatever they did, they did. We've just got to find a way to get around it. That was last night, and we'll move on from that.
Q. Gary was just over there saying that you guys have to start doing more of the same thing?
DWYANE WADE: That's Gary. I'm trying to be on the court and not get in foul trouble. I've got to continue to be smart.
Q. Shaq was saying last night that he thought you guys relied a little bit too much on the jumper and didn't give him enough touches. Do you agree with that?
DWYANE WADE: Yeah. You know, a lot of times he had the guys on his back, I thought that guys settled for jump shots. But at the same time, they had open shots. A lot of them weren't contested, so you can't really blame them. They just didn't fall, but at the same time you want to keep the big man happy, and he wasn't. He wanted more touches, so that will be a focus going into the game tomorrow.
Q. Can you describe when Coach Riley talked to you guys and what he said?
DWYANE WADE: I mean, the gist of the conversation was just how he can't believe we didn't come out with the energy and the effort that we needed to come out with in Game 2 to really put a hurting on the team, winning two straight teams on their home floor, but we didn't do it. That was pretty much the gist of it. We watched what we did wrong, now we've got to go and correct it.
Q. Did he address you guys when you first got here today?
DWYANE WADE: Yeah, when we got here today.
Q. And then you guys watched film?
Q. Clearly Rip has not stopped you. What does he do when he defends you? Is it any different than anybody else as far as the grabbing and holding and stuff like that? Is it successful in that area?
DWYANE WADE: I don't know, man. I'm not a complainer, man. Y'all see it. Y'all watch the games. I don't complain about whatever goes on. I help the team and try to get the ball the way I get the ball, and make my move. I'm not worried about him.
Q. Did they do as much trapping on you as you expected last night?
DWYANE WADE: At times they did. They brought -- like I said, Detroit does a great job of switching defensive looks. You never know -- you can't really get into too much of a comfort zone, so there are times they kind of shocked me with different things, but at the same time I made some crazy plays. We turned the ball over four straight times in the third quarter, so just being careless with the ball more than anything.
Q. You said last night that you give them credit for playing well, but they don't offer you credit. What do you say they don't offer you credit?
DWYANE WADE: Who, Detroit? I mean, they feel that they're the best team. They feel that any time that they lose it's because of them, and every other team, too. The Heat, we've got to earn it. We don't deserve any credit evidently, so we've got to go out and continue to earn our credit, and that's by going out and winning the series.
Q. How much does getting off to a fast start in a game matter in this series? It seems like it just always comes down to the end with these two teams.
DWYANE WADE: In a playoff a lot of teams are going to come out to the end, as you seen in the Jersey series. Still, getting off to a fast start is key for confidence-wise. They got off to a fast start in Game 2 and their confidence was just up, plus they had a lead and we had to fight back from it. To get off to a fast start helps your confidence, but at the same time all games normally come down to the end of the games, what plays you make on both ends of the floor.

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