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May 25, 2006

Pat Riley


Q. Do you feel like the start of both halves you gave up a little too much and you were chasing the whole time?
PAT RILEY: Just like the beginning for us the other night. We got off to 11-0 lead and then 18 to 6 and we were down 18 to 6 to start the game and 25-12 in the quarter. It was really a game of skirmish. When they were playing their best basketball for three, four, five minutes in some skirmish, they were really good at it. There were a few of those for us, but there weren't enough.
We didn't have enough good, sustained periods of basketball where we could really get back into the game. We had some opportunities and we cut it, I think, just before the half we cut it to three or four points, and they got a couple plays right at the end of the half to put them up 11.
Then going into the fourth quarter they made a couple of plays that could have got us to 3. At 77-71 we had a wide open three and missed it. When they're playing very good in spurts, then it's going to be hard to beat them.
Q. Can you talk about the fact that you guys were getting blown up for so long but were resilient and able to build on that going back to Miami?
PAT RILEY: It means something but it doesn't. It means something, the fact that we hung in there and could have got lucky actually. I mean, Chauncey misses one, which I don't think he's ever missed one at the end when it counted, but you just never know what could have happened. If we could have made one more steal -- we hung in there and had a shot at it, but when they opened the lead to 18 points it was pretty hard for us to come back.
Q. One of the keys to Game 1 was you got a lot from people other than Shaq and Dwyane. Pistons seemed to take a lot of that away tonight. Was it something they were doing?
PAT RILEY: I'm not so sure that's the case. We were 2 for 12, threes from two of our starters, and some nights they go in and they don't. The other night Chauncey and Rip and Tayshaun and Rasheed were all not shooting the ball well. You have those nights when you have three or four guys that you count on that don't shoot it well, then you're going to be in trouble, and we had that tonight. We didn't have everybody playing the game well, playing at a high level, and until I really look at the film -- I think we got some good looks. The same thing that Flip said the other night, you know, they had a lot of good looks. I think when you take a look at the film, you say, wow, we had the same looks we had the other night, but they were a little too committed tonight. They played too well.
Q. Two things: You shut out virtually everybody offensively on Detroit the first nine minutes of the fourth except Tayshaun. What's challenging about him as a match-up, and how do you score 17 points in the last 1:40?
PAT RILEY: Is that what we did? We scored 17 points the last 1:40?
Q. Something like that.
PAT RILEY: We have to go to that offense (laughter). I'm going to that offense at the beginning of the game and find out exactly what we were doing to score 17 points. It was like we did the other night. When you've got this kind of a lead -- I don't want to be flip about this thing, we just got beat, but you have a tendency to wait for the game to end, which is what Detroit did, let the clock run out, and we're still trying to get back and get lucky, and that's the same thing that happened to us the other night, they kept getting layup after layup after layup.
Q. And Tayshaun?
PAT RILEY: He's tough. He's a very unorthodox player, but he's very, very gifted and very talented. Of all the players in the league that have come a long way because of his length and the fact that he can shoot the ball, and he's a great offensive rebounder, watching him play in the playoffs, he made a lot of the biggest plays that this team is seeing. We've got to find an answer for him.
Q. Last game you got great production from Walker, from Williams and from Payton, and tonight it wasn't there. Do you think you have to have production from those three in order to win this series?
PAT RILEY: Well, you've got to have I think four or five guys play well, yeah. You've got to have -- they have to have four or five guys that play well. It doesn't necessarily mean they have to score a lot of points, but you have to have -- we need four or five guys to play well and score and contribute. We didn't get that tonight, and I hope that we get it at home.
Q. How big or important do you think Rasheed's third quarter was? He got off a little bit, he was able to hit a couple threes?
PAT RILEY: They ran a different pick and roll scheme in the first quarter, and then he hit a couple on Zo, I put Zo in trying to go big a little bit, but he's making them. When he's making them from 27 feet or 28 feet, that's a long way to close out. So some nights he has the ability to do that. Try to convince your players, look, you've got to close all the way out to 28, 29 feet, you've got to close all the way out to his chest, you put a lot of attention on Chauncey Billups and make sure he's not turning the corner and you're trying to get back to him. He came back strong, he made some big hoops for them.

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