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September 9, 2006

Yolanda Griffith

Kara Lawson


Q. What was the biggest difference between the first half and second half coming out for you guys?
YOLANDA GRIFFITH: Well, I think the first half we pretty much controlled the boards and our defense was steady. Offensively, you know, we was hitting our shots. We was moving without the ball pretty well. In the second half, I don't know, you know, as individuals you gotta find a way to get your mind back on the game, you know, do the defensive things.
You know they were more aggressive. They moved the ball. They pushed the ball down the court. We didn't react. We didn't get back.
You know, we find ourselves down. But we fought back. We're never going to quit. It was a good game, a good series. Detroit having a home crowd behind them, got this victory. You know, we didn't win but we still proud of all the accomplishments we did this year. Just gotta get ready for next year.

Q. You mentioned the crowd. What effect do you think that had on your playing the second half?
YOLANDA GRIFFITH: I don't think they affected us at all. I just think we didn't come back in the second half prepared. We knew they was going to make a run. We talked at halftime. We knew what happened second game in Detroit, you know, pretty much happened again. As individuals and being on this professional level, you have to get your mind focused, ready to withstand the runs that Detroit did.
The fans didn't affect us. We still kept doing our thing on a defensive end, the shots just didn't fall. We kind of rushed a lot of things on the offensive end but overall it was a good series.

Q. Why didn't you think the shots were falling the second half? Was it hesitation, rushing? What do you think it was?
KARA LAWSON: We never really concerned ourselves with blocked shots, when shots go in or don't go in. Our game plan is always on the defensive side of the play we feel if we play good enough defense and the shots don't go in we still have a chance. We never put too much thought in, oh, we're making them or not making them. Obviously we're happy if they're going in. But we don't spend too much time thinking about that. It's on the defensive end where we know we need to play well.

Q. What point do you think the series was lost? You guys take the first game and then the second kind of turns it over. Is there a point in the series that you think you guys lost it?
KARA LAWSON: The buzzer went off tonight, that's when the series was lost. It's when they won. I didn't feel like at any point prior to that buzzer that we were out of it or that we had lost momentum or we had lost the series.
We felt good coming into this game. We felt like we had a good chance to win it if we played well.

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