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June 11, 2006

Dwyane Wade


Q. Pat said it wasn't so much about touches, although he admitted it had more than a little something to do with it, but he said it was about energy and effort. How do you explain what happened in the first half in terms of energy and effort and Dallas being --
DWYANE WADE: Can't really explain it. I think the second quarter in both games, it got away from us. It really did. They executed, got good shots. We turned the ball over and missed shots and they got out in open transition and got open shots. They did a good job of moving the ball around.

Q. What are they doing differently defensively towards and you talk about how huge Tuesday night is going to be?
DWYANE WADE: First of all, Tuesday night is Game 3. They did what they are supposed to do. They won two at home.
We have to go take care of our home starting Tuesday. You know, use our crowd to get our energy up, but we have to play a lot better on both ends of the floor. They did what they did last game, came out trying to blitz the pick-and-roll more instead of laying back. But obviously I missed some shots that I normally hit but I was still being aggressive.

Q. Antoine just said that Shaq was frustrated as the game went on. What did Shaq say to you later on or during the game, you guys were talking on the bench?
DWYANE WADE: Nothing, he didn't show his frustration to me. At that point he was asking me why I wasn't in the game. But, you know, of course, he can't be as dominant as he wants to be right now because his other guys is not playing as good as we should. So they are able to key on him and take away the other guys a little bit because we're missing shots, not being efficient. So that's taking away from Shaq a little bit.
You know what, down two games, it's a best-of-seven series, I think Shaq understands, he's been in this situation more than anybody, so I'm sure we'll bounce back.

Q. What's it like for you to see him sitting for so much of the game?
DWYANE WADE: It was crazy, you know, especially when he's not in foul trouble and, you know, you wonder why. You know, we've got to find a way. We've got to find a way to get our big to be more dominant. With the touches that we give him, we have to find a way to make him more efficient.
You know, five shots, of course that don't mean we get the ball to him only five times but five shots is what we want. Playing 29 minutes, we want him playing more than that. But going over the next game plan, that's what it's all about.

Q. You spent two days talking about 11 shots, get him more touches and get him more involved, there has to be some sense of frustration that even though it's only 29 minutes that he was not even a factor in this game.
DWYANE WADE: Well, they double-teamed him. You know, he didn't get the ball. He's kicking it out. There's nothing more for him to do besides that. Like I said, it's going to be hard for him to get more shots if they continue to double-team him and he's kicking it out and he's not scoring. For one, he's a great passer, and for two, he finds the open guy and sometimes they are not, so he's got to a better job than that.

Q. The return to Miami, Game 3, what kind of needs to change?
DWYANE WADE: Everything. But, you know, we'll come out and like I said, our crowd will be behind us and we'll play with a lot of energy. We've got to execute better on offense. You know, be patient and attack more. We can't go through stretches like we have on the road of letting this team get out and be explosive.
You know, when they are going on a run, we have to at least keep it to a minimum. Like they did at the end of the second, we can't do that at home.
We've got a lot to change, but we'll look at film tomorrow, see what we have to do and come back in Game 3 better.

Q. How are you feeling physically after coming off the illness?
DWYANE WADE: I'm feeling all right. I think Tuesday will probably be my best game the way I feel physically. The next three games at home will probably be the best I feel all series. So, looking forward to it. Looking forward to playing a lot of minutes and being efficient.

Q. Can't help noticing your finger is bandaged. Is that something?
DWYANE WADE: No, it's nothing.

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