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June 8, 2006

Shaquille O'Neal


Q. First thing's first, nice tie. Second thing, Jason Terry, the game he had tonight, how tough were the daggers he threw at you tonight in the fourth quarter?
SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: It was very aggressive. We made too many mental mistakes. You know, we can't really leave shooters like him and Dirk open, a couple times. They moved the ball very well and they had some big shots. We still had a lot of opportunities to win the games but we made a lot of mental mistakes, and we'll have to go back and make some adjustments.
They just did what they are supposed to do and won at home and now we just have to try and get a win on Sunday.
Q. Were you surprised when Pat took you out with two minutes left in the first half after that second foul and how important do you think that was in the overall outcome?
SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: We just have to do the things that we were doing and we were getting the ball inside and kicking it out. We just have to play smart.
We're going to go back and make some adjustments and usually after we go back and make adjustments, we usually play well. We know we have to get one up here and we're just going to try to get that one on Sunday.
Q. Talk about the fourth quarter for you guys, the power outage, what happened there?
SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: Like I said, it's a lot of silly and mental mistakes, just doing things that we're not really accustomed to. We had some costly turnovers. We double-covered guys that we shouldn't have doubled and hit big shots. We let them get to the paint too much. Jason Terry had a fabulous game. We have to try to slow him down.
Q. They were doubling you, do you recall like they took you away tonight or you just need the ball more?
SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: No, I was just getting the ball to my guys. We just have to mix it up. First half I thought we played pretty good except for the last three minutes in the second quarter.
You know, we've just got to keep doing what we've been doing inside out.
Today we made a lot of mental and a lot of silly mistakes. We can't make mistakes against a team like this.
Q. Antoine and Gary both said we need to get the ball inside more. How does the game change if you could get the ball inside more?
SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: They are going to double and we know we can get everybody open, we've just got to play smart. So, you know, like I said, we're just going to go back and look at the film, see the mistakes that we made and hopefully we don't make those mistakes on Sunday.
Q. 1-for-9 from the free throw line, are you disappointed with your free throw shooting?
SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: Yeah, throughout my career, I know that if I want my team to win a championship, I have to step up to the line and hit them, and I will. Probably just, you know, thinking about it a little too much.
You know, we've still got a lot of opportunities to win a game, on Sunday, we're going to look for me to shoot a little bit better.

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