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June 8, 2006

Antoine Walker


Q. Tell us what happened, where did this game start slipping away from you guys?
ANTOINE WALKER: Well, I think in the second quarter, we had a chance to kind of, you know, kill their confidence, we took a 10, 11 point lead. They did a good job of bouncing back and obviously took the lead before the half.
Just had too many turnovers, too many mental mistakes. We have to step it up a little bit and make sure we get the ball to Shaq a little bit more. 11 attempts isn't enough for him. Even though he did a great job of passing in the post.
Q. How do you make sure he gets more touches, just re-post quick or what do you do?
ANTOINE WALKER: We have to watch film and we'll figure that out. We'll make some adjustments and try to get him the ball a little bit more. It's not necessarily try to force feed it into him. It's the situations where times in the games where, you know, down the stretch, we had to get it back to a 3- or 2-point game, maybe get the ball to him, or get fouled or he'll foul somebody. It's those times we have to get the ball to him and play off him.
Q. What's it like when Shaq -- when he goes to the line and you know how many free throws he does in practice and he gets to the line and he's not able to do it?
ANTOINE WALKER: He's fine. I'm not worried about that. He's made so many big free throws throughout the playoffs, that's going to come in time as he continues to get more comfortable at the line, he'll be fine.
He's one of those guys, he can miss nine in a row, 4th quarter, two minutes to go, he'll manage to step up and make two. I'm not worried about that at all. We have to continue to make him a factor inside.
Q. How frustrating is it to come out of this game having shut out Nowitzki in the fourth quarter yet Jason Terry kills with you 12 points in the fourth quarter?
ANTOINE WALKER: We just have to continue to work with Dirk. Dirk is doing a lot of pick-and-rolls and trying get the ball to him in every situation. Obviously we have to pay attention to Jason Terry, his mid-range game was going tonight and he was able to make some threes. That's the one-, two-punch but tonight we were still able to keep Josh Howard down a little bit.
We can't have both of them getting off, if it's just trapping Jason Terry, we have to force other guys to beat us on the floor. That's obviously something we can adjust to and he played big for them tonight.

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