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June 8, 2006

Pat Riley


Q. You can try to plan to stop Dirk, but how do you plan to stop Jason Terry when he's getting shots like he was tonight?
COACH PAT RILEY: We talked a lot about it. You've got to close down his air space, you've got to be very aware of where he is, and I thought -- there's no doubt that he kept them in the game the first half. We had an 11-point lead and I think we missed six or seven shots in a row to close the second quarter. That really sort of hurt us and gave them a lot of confidence.
But it was a two-point game going into the fourth quarter, and it's a fight, it's a fierce battle, that's what it is, that's what it's going to be.
The minute and a half or two minutes, it goes, we're down ten, and we've got a shot to tie it and that was about it. We'll see, we'll come back on Sunday.
Q. Dwyane Wade, 28 points, Shaq 16, what type of scoring ratio do you need from both of them to be comfortable?
COACH PAT RILEY: Well, we need -- I like the tempo of the game for us tonight it. Wasn't a wild up and down game. The only time it got that way is when we turned it over and we didn't get back in transition. We controlled the paint after the first half. We outrebounded them. We were horrendous from the free throw line.
So we need balance. Both of those guys have to play well, but we need balance, and we need a few more guys stepping up and making timely shots, which is how we got here.
Q. They played Shaq different than Detroit did; what do you guys have to do, seeing a lot more double-teams?
COACH PAT RILEY: He studied the film, he can catch the ball, there were times they came on in the second dribble on the real first hard dribble that looked like a threat dribble, they would come down, and the first half, he just picked it apart. We're hitting open jumpers, got layups a couple times, we just have to have better spacing out there. They are tag-teaming him with Josh and Dampier and they are doing a decent job of making him work.
Q. What does it say about their team, Pat, that Howard and Nowitzki get only seven field goals and yet they come away with a win?
COACH PAT RILEY: Well, they are at home and they got a great, great game out of Jason. They hit timely shots. Dirk then hit a couple of threes, you know, so it isn't whether or not a guy -- or two guys don't score. You know, this is a fight. This is what it's about. It's competitive and it's going to be ugly and sloppy at times. You have both teams going at each other hard, and somebody exhales for two minutes, you might be down eight or nine points, that's the way it was. That's what happened to us in the fourth quarter.
Q. You just mentioned the fourth quarter, timeliness, what do you think factored into that fourth quarter, 12 points?
COACH PAT RILEY: Well, I mean, missing free throws and we didn't make any outside shots. All five baskets we got in the fourth quarter were in the paint.
So we got at least a half a dozen good looks from the outside. You've got to knock down a few of those. They did a good job. They threw a zone at us I think three or four possessions in a row, and you have to attack it. We didn't do a very good job of that, so we've got to really study that and I think that's going to be part of their plan is to throw that at us, and we have to do a better job.
Q. It looked like Dwyane Wade kind of fell hard. Is he okay?
Q. He's okay? He'll be all right?
COACH PAT RILEY: Yeah. He falls eight times, gets up nine. (Laughter) I think.

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