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June 7, 2006

Alonzo Mourning

DALLAS, TEXAS: Practice Day

Q. Does it seem real now, now that it's here and all that? Now that you're here, now that you're in the building?
ALONZO MOURNING: Well, you guys make it seem real because this doesn't happen going into any other playoff game or the regular season.
This lets you know that you have arrived when you see all the hoopla and everybody, the energy around the game. It gives you goosebumps, and like I said, lets you know that you've arrived and it's time to get yourself mentally and physically ready.
Q. How satisfying is it after all you've been through in your NBA career to make The Finals?
ALONZO MOURNING: I'm relieved, you know, from the standpoint of just all those years of work and sacrifice and preparation and pain, you know, that you put your body through. I think all the surgery, the knee surgeries I've had, I had a finger surgery, I had a surgery to my face, broke a couple of bones in my face; I think of all those things, and I think of how gratifying it is just to get here.
But at the same time, I'm not satisfied. I don't think satisfied is the word yet. I'll be satisfied when we win the big one, and that's what I've been working my whole, whole career to position myself on the team to do, and that's win the Championship. We haven't done that, and when we do, that's when I can use the word satisfied.
Q. How do you separate everything that's going on with the media coverage and hoopla, that you've got to concentrate on the team?
ALONZO MOURNING: I don't think it's hard to separate. It might be hard to separate for -- it might be hard for a guy like Dorell Wright to separate it, but you think of a guy like myself, who is a seasoned veteran and who has been through a whole lot, been all over the world and played all types of basketball, then it's not difficult for me to separate at all, because I realize the importance of this stage and I know how -- I know and realize that this is a road less traveled, it truly is.
It's not too many men that have come through the NBA through the history of the NBA that's had an opportunity to get to this stage, you know. So again, as I say, this is a road less traveled.
So knowing that this is an opportunity of a lifetime is -- you block out all of the distractions and you focus on the task at hand. My job right now is to get myself mentally, physically ready and help my teammates get ready so that we can win it all, that's what it's all about.
Again, I go back to saying, he asked me, am I satisfied, far from it, far from being satisfied, yet, because we haven't won anything yet.

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