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June 28, 2006

Rodney Carney


Q. I understand you'll be going to the Philadelphia 76ers. How do you see yourself fitting in with guys like Iverson and Igoudala?
RODNEY CARNEY: Well, he scores a lot and even if he's double-teamed I'm able to knock down the 3-point shot so he and Igoudala can run the wings and we have the option to throw the lob, too. With the fast break option, they are going to have to kill me, too.

Q. Did you have any inkling this was going to happen with the 76ers and what was your reaction?
RODNEY CARNEY: I had none. I thought actually when I went to work out with them I had an injury and I wouldn't work out, it was just an interview.
This is going to be a great opportunity to play for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Q. What do you think about your attributes, your personality you'll bring?
RODNEY CARNEY: Off the court, I'm a good guy. In Memphis, we went and helped the kids a lot in the school system, we had tournaments for them, we did all we could for them in the school system, for the public and the community. It's going to be a real good fit for me there.

Q. Last season the Philadelphia 76ers had problems with defense and rebounding. Is that a strong part of your game, is that something that you can bring to the table as well?
RODNEY CARNEY: Well, rebounding I can get a little better on. Defensively I can be a knock down, defend as people have seen during the season. They see me when I guarded J.J. and I did a great job on him and other players. They probably seen that and that's why they got me.

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