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June 28, 2006

Patrick O'Bryant


Q. Talk to me about Golden State is pretty much an up-and-down team, how are you going to fit in there?
PATRICK O'BRYANT: You know, I think at Bradley we played kind of an up-and-down style of basketball, so we kind of played that style at Bradley; so that helped me out a lot coming into this draft. People saw that I can run the floor well and compete in a fast-paced game.

Q. So what was the highlight of your college career, both regular season and in the tournament, because we know about that big tournament that you had. Talk about kind of about the regular season and the tournament.
PATRICK O'BRYANT: Regular season probably was -- yeah, we won at Illinois state, which is our big rival, I-74. They are only 30 minutes away down Interstate 74, so it was a great win. It was a packed house there.
So, it was a great rivalry. So that was really good and I did well in that game. I had 24, I think, I don't remember exactly. I had quite a few points and rebounds, so I did well.
Probably the greatest in the tournament was definitely the big game, scoring those 28 points, being the biggest underdog probably in the bracket to win. So that really made me feel good.

Q. And you got started playing basketball kind of late, talk about what sports you played before you played ball, if you did play other ones?
PATRICK O'BRYANT: I started basketball early, actually. Yeah, I played basketball since I was like seven.

Q. I thought you had started late?

Q. Who got you started playing?
PATRICK O'BRYANT: My parents I guess, just said do you want to try out for the little kids team or whatever. All right, whatever; I didn't know anything.

Q. And were you good at it right away?
PATRICK O'BRYANT: Yeah, I think my height helped me. I've always been taller than people, so, you know, I kind of just was so much taller that nobody can compete with me throughout my elementary school and stuff, so that helped me.

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