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March 9, 2006

Chris Copeland

Marcus Hall

Ricardo Patton

Richard Roby


THE MODERATOR: We're joined now by the Colorado Buffaloes following their victory over Baylor. We'll go to Coach Ricardo Patton for his thoughts on today's victory.
COACH RICARDO PATTON: I thought it was a great game. Hopefully all the fans got their money's worth.
We knew Baylor was a different basketball team than the one we faced early in conference play, and they played extremely well. So hats off to them.
But I thought our guys did a nice job of sticking with our game plan and coming through in the end. Certainly, making free throws down the stretch paid big dividends for us.
Q. Rich, you didn't get your first field goal until late in the second half there. What was happening with you today?
RICHARD ROBY: I just couldn't get in rhythm. I didn't really want to force anything. I was trying to have the game come to me. But at the end I had to find a way to put the ball in the basket because I knew my team needed me to score.
Q. Did you feel okay? Because I know you had a cold you were struggling a bit?
RICHARD ROBY: No, I am fine. You have got play through sickness, that's what I am going to do.
COACH RICARDO PATTON: I thought the cold affected his defense more than his offense (laughter).
RICHARD ROBY: Not funny. (Laughter).
Q. Talk about the importance of tomorrow's game against A&M?
MARCUS HALL: We understand that we need to win as many games as we can win in this tournament to try to control our own destiny, which is get into the NCAA tournament. We'll take it just as we need to. We knew we had to win today. Tomorrow's game is the next game which is the most important game.
Q. You guys get the victory but can you talk about the effort that Baylor put forth as the 12 seed?
COACH RICARDO PATTON: We knew coming into the game that Baylor was going to put forth a great effort. They are well coached. They have really solid players, young players, Baylor is going to be a team to be reckoned with in the future in this league.
Q. Talk about the drought you went through there to open the second half.
RICHARD ROBY: I thought getting good looks at the basket. Shots wasn't falling, we had to depend on our defense. We tried to translate our defense into offense and tried to get easy buckets. They were making shots and that's hard to do, but that's where the defense has to come in and grind your way through it.
Q. Do you feel like pressing a little bit -- did you feel like you started pressing a little bit during that time?
MARCUS HALL: No, I mean, we have -- obviously we have shown ability to come back from slow starts or given up runs, this is not the first time we have been through a 10-0 run or 15-0 run. I think that's where the maturity of our team comes in, kept our cool, kept our heads and just fought it out.
Q. Is it safe to say you guys kind of have a feeling of relief right now getting through this game?
CHRIS COPELAND: Yeah, I guess you can say. That Baylor came out, played us really hard. And any time you get a victory against a team that plays that hard, it's always a good feeling when you get the win.
Q. When Chris fouled out I think it might have been the first time he fouled out this year, what was going through your minds, you lose one of your scoring options?
RICHARD ROBY: I didn't even know he fouled up. I just found out right now.
MARCUS HALL: I kind of took it as a little more incentive to look to score. We had guys out there the whole game just hitting key shots and big buckets. Me and Rich couldn't get into a good groove.
I think the most important thing is we won the game without shooting the ball well, so, I mean, that's what -- that's a good feeling for us.
Q. How do you feel like you guys match up with A&M? The guy down there ended a lot of weird stuff toward the end of that game. What do you guys remember from that game?
RICHARD ROBY: I think we played well. We started off slow. What was it, 14-to-0 throughout the game? We can't do that again. We have got to start the game well. I think we match up well with them. I think we did a great job guarding Joseph Jones up there. We know they are going to come out and play defense. That's the mindset of their team.
Q. Isn't it true, though, that that game is kind of stuck with you guys? I mean you guys were upset about the way it ended, is that not true?
RICHARD ROBY: I would say it is. We definitely wanted a second shot at them. We felt we should have won that game. Some stuff happened at the end, but we still had a chance to win the ballgame and we didn't. That's one of the road games we felt we should have won. We're looking forward to playing them again
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, guys.
Q. Ricardo, what were you thinking during that 0-for-12 drought that you guys started the second half?
COACH RICARDO PATTON: My assistant has a great term for that. It's like fishing, you know, just throw your line in over here and see if you get a bite. Then you throw it in over there see if someone is biting. We have enough guys I think that we can throw guys in and hopefully get a spark. I thought Eddy was one of those guys today. I thought Glean Eddy did some nice things made some free throws when he had to. But this team has always, I think all season long showed the ability to come back and have a run when we have been down.
Q. How important is tomorrow's game going to be for your team's tournament chances?
COACH RICARDO PATTON: I am not sure. I think -- I would be shocked we weren't already getting serious consideration for the NCAA tournament. This is a very tough conference. I think this team has done a nice job so far. That's out of our control at this point. So we're just going to focus in on -- just do the best that we can do and focus on A&M. I think that this team has shown that it is worth thief an NCAA bid. That's just my personal opinion.

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