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March 9, 2006

Dennis Felton

Steve Newman

Channing Toney


THE MODERATOR: We're ready to continue on with Georgia. Coach, if you'll begin with some opening remarks on the game and then we'll go through your questions.
COACH DENNIS FELTON: I thought Arkansas played extremely well today, and I was actually much more pleased with our effort as a team tonight than I was just less than a week ago when we played Arkansas the first time to close out the regular season. One thing that hurt us is we could have taken much better care of ball. Our turnovers hurt us, and then it just got to a point in the game where I think we struggled to keep up with their explosiveness.
I thought the quality of shots that the teams got weren't quite as different. Arkansas definitely got a little better quality shot than we did, but we certainly got enough high quality shots also to keep up, but we just struggled to make them and we struggled to slow them down and stop them, especially off the dribble. They were very, very good off the dribble against us, which we knew was a big part of their strength and challenge for us, and so we struggled to slow them down as much as we'd like to. So then it became a matter of keeping up with them, and they were just more explosive than we were today.
THE MODERATOR: Okay. Any questions for either of the student athletes who will try to take those first: Any questions? Okay. For the benefit of the quote takers, let me get each player, Steve first.
If you just give us some general comments, your thoughts on the game.
STEVE NEWMAN: I just thought the biggest difference was our turnovers. We were pretty, even in the first half, until we had a spurt of about three, four turnovers in a row which lead to fastbreak points and the same thing in the second half.
We had a stretch in the middle of the second half where that's where they really pushed the lead outs. We turned the ball over a few times in a row.
If we would have just taken better care of ball, we would have had a better chance at the end of the game.
THE MODERATOR: Same for you Channing.
CHANNING TONEY: I think turnovers was a big factor, also. We competed well with the rebounding. We played together as a team offensively and it just came down to turnover the ball.
They got good fast break opportunities and we just tried to come back and, you know, play aggressive and I think that was the main fact was the turnover part and we competed well with them.
THE MODERATOR: Okay. Any questions for either of the players, any others? Okay, fellas, we'll excuse you back to the locker room. Thank you.
Any questions for Coach Felton? Anybody? Okay. We're done.

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