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July 11, 2003

Beth Daniel


MODERATOR: Great round out there. One shot lead now going into the weekend. One eagle, two birdies, one bogey. How did the round feel?

BETH DANIEL: You know, the round, it felt pretty good. I just I actually hit the ball better yesterday, but that's kind of how golf is. I hit enough solid shots out there today to make an eagle and two birdies, and then I stayed pretty steady from then on. I was kind of starting to get a little frustrated with myself because I felt like I should have made more birdies, but I think it's that sort of golf course. You feel like you should be burning it up, but nobody is doing it.

Q. Do you still feel that after the first two rounds?

BETH DANIEL: I have been able to keep the ball in play. One of the things I haven't done very well this year is drive the ball straight. First two rounds, I have done a very good job of that. So, it's a matter of not hitting driver a lot; then I leave myself a little bit longer shots into the greens. I've managed myself around this course very well for two days.

Q. I just want to follow up on that. When you look at the stats, you lead the tournament in fairway hits and third in driving hits. Does that come as a surprise to you?

BETH DANIEL: Driving distance, it's hard to look at driving distance. It's two holes every round. Some people are hitting 3 woods on those holes that are driving holes. I don't pay a whole lot of attention to that, because there is no way I can be third in driving distance, because two players I played with out drove me for two days, so I'm sure there are a few other people in the field that would be out driving me. Accuracy is very important, and that is something that I have done very well the first two days.

Q. Can you walk me through the eagle/birdie combination? When that comes that early in the round, obviously it's a nice little boost to get you going.

BETH DANIEL: Absolutely. Actually, I missed the first two greens and got it up and down, so I hit a good drive on 3, and I had 200 to the hole, wind in my face, and I actually cut a 3 wood into the pan, held it up against the wind, and it turned out to be perfect. With it being into the wind, it was a little too long for me to hit my 5 wood and carry that bunker. It was a better shot to try to hold it against that wind. I did a real good job of it; hit it in there like 8 feet above the hole and made a real good putt for eagle. Next hole, I hit a 5 wood off the tee and L wedge to 3 feet and made that for birdie. So, those that combination was pretty much my whole round.

Q. When you're on the course, how aware are you of what everyone else is doing, especially with Bowie triple bogeying?

BETH DANIEL: I'm not aware at all. The only time I glance at the leaderboard is to see what's leading. I don't even see names. I have no idea, except for the people I played with. Even them, I wouldn't have a very good idea of it. Really, I pay attention to my own game and try to play my own game, and I do pay attention to what's leading, but early in the tournament, that even really doesn't make a difference. I don't think you should look at the leaderboard too much until probably the Back 9 of a tournament, the final 9 holes of a tournament.

Q. You shot a really consistent 300 most days. What did you do today that was different?

BETH DANIEL: I don't know. When I missed my shots into the greens, I missed them in the right places where I was able to get it up and down. It was tough out there. The wind was very tough today. I thought the wind was tougher than yesterday. It kind of switched around a little bit. My caddy Ralph and I made the right decisions. So, it was a good day.

Q. Can you talk quickly about the hospitality you've received here in Vancouver?

BETH DANIEL: It's been fantastic. I have really enjoyed it. This tournament, throughout the years even in the prior sponsorship, did a very good job of making the players feel extremely welcome. Bank of Montreal has continued that tradition, and the City of Vancouver has been fantastic. I have been downtown every night and enjoying the restaurants. It's a great city. It's a fun city to be in. I wish we could play in places like this all the time, because everybody I talked to says they have not had a bad meal this week. That's rare for us. We have a tendency on the road to find some bad restaurants. I haven't heard of anyone that's found one yet.

Q. Talking to some of the women, I got the impression they felt the scores would be lower.

BETH DANIEL: Yeah, I felt the same thing. These greens are very subtle, and when I played the practice round, I thought people would be pouring in putts from everywhere on these greens. There have turned out to be very subtle breaks and very hard to read.

Q. Are you going to the concert tonight?

BETH DANIEL: Actually, I'm interested in Michelle Branch who goes on first. I'm trying to get back down there so I can see Michelle.

Q. Beth, you have been around enough to have the knowledge to play on the weekend. What about the fact that Annika is not here now? Does that change anything to anybody?

BETH DANIEL: It doesn't change the way I'm going to play golf, it doesn't change the golf course or what I have to do. For me, it doesn't change one thing. For you guys, Annika is gone, but for me it doesn't change anything of how I have to approach the weekend.

Q. (Inaudible)?

BETH DANIEL: Yeah, I bogeyed 6. Actually I hit a good drive and everybody left. I hit a good drive. I pulled a 9 iron left of the green and hit a bad chip and missed the putt, and then on 18 I hit a 5 wood 20 feet right of the hole and hit a really good putt.

End of FastScripts....

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