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June 18, 2006

Chris Pronger

Ryan Smyth

Jarret Stoll

Raffi Torres


CHRIS PRONGER: We had been in that situation before and wanted to make sure we were getting back to Edmonton. Now that we're back here to Carolina we have got to finish the job.

Q. You guys talked about the fact -- the layoff, you guys, the 7 or eight days that it was a long series that would benefit you. Do you feel that's the case and your legs are fresh?
CHRIS PRONGER: We're going to find out here shortly. We'll find out how the travel and everything plays out on them. We have obviously been pretty used to the travel, and that type of schedule all season long. I know we feel pretty good in our locker room and feel fresh. Certainly hopefully that corrolates into the game and how we play.

Q. Been impressed with how calm Jussi is?
CHRIS PRONGER: He's been great. Certainly with the media criticism and whatnot throughout the course of the year both him and Ty have been able to handle it very well and continue to work on their game.
It's not always an easy situation being criticized and taking that back seat when they bring in another goalie. And certainly they didn't stop putting the work in. In fact, trying to make sure they were prepared in any situation. Certainly the worst case scenario, Roli got hurt and he stepped in and played extremely well for us.

Q. Could you talk about two things, the determination of this club right through the Playoffs, No. 1 seed in Detroit, 0-2 to San Jose, (inaudible) 0-2 in this series, just that will to not fold up and go away, it seems --
CHRIS PRONGER: I think that's something that we pride ourselves on is that will and determination and it's kind of the way we play, is we play very well with our backs against the wall and that aggressive up-tempo game and when we have got our legs like we have the last few games we're very effective and tough to stop. Certainly, we're going to need that type of effort here for Game 7 because we know they are going to come out with their best effort.

Q. But all teams don't -- quitters don't get to Stanley Cup Finals but when you look around the room, have you even been impressed with, I guess, the will of this club? I mean you are new to this team, how it's come together, that resolve?
CHRIS PRONGER: I think we have had to go through a lot of different adversity throughout the course of the year and I think that plays a big part in how we have been able to deal with things and it's learning on-the-job and losing seven or eight in a row earlier in the season and obviously you guys questioning Kevin, should he make changes, he doesn't, you know, we fight our way out of the hole, we get back skated in Dallas and don't see pucks for an hour and a half and get called a junior team and things like that, you start learning your lesson and things like that and there's always a method to the madness and certainly the injuries and all the things, the playoff stretch drive, leading into the Playoffs, trying to get in, we get in and then obviously what we have been able to accomplish so far, it all plays into guys learning what we do best as a team. Certainly we have had our fresh share of ups and downs in this series as well and hopefully we have been able to learn from those and we have seen that the last couple of games in how we have played.
JARRET STOLL: They are not going to be as comfortable as they want to be. Against Detroit we did that very well, to their skill, we didn't give them an inch. That's the way we're going to have to play Game 7. We did that in Game 6. For us defensively is where it starts, we are very stingy defensively; when we play that way we're going to get our chances offensively to score goals. That's exactly what happened in Game 6 and it was a pretty good game on our part. I am sure they want to be better too from Game 6 to 7, so we're going to have to step up a notch also.

Q. There were times when it seemed like, I think second goal, for example, Wesley had an angle with the puck he backed off a bit with Peca coming, do you think they are starting to anticipate those hits and expecting how they play --
JARRET STOLL: I think we have got to a lot of pucks on the forecheck where maybe we shouldn't have got to. We see that. We see them kind have coming in second and letting us kind of take the puck sometimes, but that's what we want. You slowly get to them over the series and maybe that wasn't happening in games one and two. You be physical with them. You know that -- they know that every time, you know, every time they are going to touch the puck they are going to get finished, they are going to get hit, it takes a toll on you, I think mentally, once you are thinking that. If we're in their heads that way, then that's fine. If not, then we're going to have to continue to be physical in Game 7.

Q. The layoff might give you a lot left in the tank?
JARRET STOLL: We feel we have a lot left in the tank. We feel great. That Game 6, I think our energy level has gotten better as the series went on and hopefully it continues into Game 7 and I think everybody can say we're feeling great in here, a lot of energy and flying back and forth is not an issue for us. We have had that tough travel all year with changing time zones all the time, we're used to it. Hopefully it will show tomorrow night.

Q. How much of a different team were they with Erik Cole in the lineup?
JARRET STOLL: I thought he looked pretty good, first couple of shifts he was flying out there, he drives the puck wide, takes it to the net. He looks like he's pretty quick out there, and I have never -- I don't think I have ever played against him actually, so we know what kind of player he is. He's a heart and soul kind of guy and can score big goals, that type of thing. We just got to be hard on him. We have got to be very physical and like I said before, with their skill he's one of them. He's one of those guys that we have got to just take away their time and space and be rough on them and just make things uncomfortable for them.

Q. When you guys were -- you guys were in a series where you were down 3-1 but now you are in Game 7. Do you feel like you have accomplished something; do you feel oh, we're one game away, we can't feel good about what we have already done, I mean how do you feel right now?
JARRET STOLL: We feel good. We feel confident obviously two straight wins. After Game 6 victory last night it was just quiet in our room, we were very focused on getting the job done. It's definitely not done yet. We realize that. We have fought our way back in this series to tie it up. That's right what we wanted to do.

Q. Raffi, last night was we have got them where we want them. It seems like this team has controlled -- been in control since the overtime in that Game 5; you know what happened last night, what turned this thing, was it Fernando's goal? Is it that big of a momentum swinger?
RAFFI TORRES: Obviously you can look at it that way. It was definitely a big goal, overtime goal. We're not in Edmonton and it's a big goal, so I think -- after that goal we have kind have been riding that high. When I say we have got them where we want them, at the same time, we can't get overzealous and just go in thinking that we have to just show up. What I mean is that we know what we have to do in order for us to play, in order for us to be successful.

Q. How do you build that confidence though? Ethan said last night we think our best is good enough. That's not bold it's just saying if we bring our A game we'll win this thing. Does everybody in this locker room feel this way?
RAFFI TORRES: I think so. Definitely, I think with us it's all about our start and how we come out and maybe the first goal is definitely a big deal, but guys on this team we feed off each other. We don't -- there's guys out there that don't want to let each other down because we all want to win. I am -- it's the same way on the other team but on this team I think it's just that much more, so -- but yeah, definitely everybody gains confidence off each other, somebody does something well we let them know, we just thrive off each other.

Q. How do you speak to the physical play, last night Ethan Moreau against Erik Cole, I mean, nobody has the read jersey on like practice you guys have been hitting guys whenever, however, to have an impact on this?
RAFFI TORRES: Kind of like set it in stone in our minds, that's the way we have to play in order to be effective and when everybody says it just myself and Moreau, it's not. Everybody is hitting out there. Everybody is throwing their body out there. Everybody is being physical. I think -- we like to think that it's taking a toll on them and so just make sure that we can't get away from what we're doing.

Q. Ryan, can you compare at all coming here for Game 7 as you compared to what you did for Game 5, tough loss at home coming here down 3 to 1, now just you are back here with the chance to win the Cup?
RYAN SMYTH: I think the biggest thing is we just played relentless, just kept going, and our backs are up against the wall but we just -- we put everything forward, and things like that just we prevailed and obviously we're not finished yet. We want to make sure that it's done right.

Q. The mood of the team right now, compare the trip for Game 5 comparing it to Game 7?
RYAN SMYTH: Well, obviously we want to take the momentum that we got from Game 5 and Game 6. Obviously down 3-1, now tied 3-3, that's a huge swing, and it's not -- it wasn't easy. We know that they were playing really tough there in Game 5, but we prevailed and like I said it's a great opportunity.

Q. Is this the biggest game in your career since you have played France in the World Championship?
RYAN SMYTH: (Laughter) I would think so, yes. I think when you look back on your childhood you think of the Stanley Cup Finals or being in the Stanley Cup, contention for the Cup, and you know, you don't think of being on Team Canada, playing for the Olympics as much for the Canadian players that is, but the fact is it's probably the biggest game that we'll all be a part of, I was fortunate to be a part of that Olympics in '02, and experience something that you know, few and far between every four years it comes around and tough selection that's they are, but the long road it is to get here it's a phenomenal experience.

Q. How have you guys turned this series around so quickly?
RYAN SMYTH: Obviously we want to carry what we have got from Game 5 and 6 and carry it into Game 7 and we felt that we have played one of our better games in Game 6 there and didn't allow them to have a lot, a lot of shots, and kept them on the outside, but we play well rounded as a team and like I said before it's not over yet, we have got to make sure that we close it.

Q. Just to change subjects, Ales Hemsky, what does he mean to your hockey team?
RYAN SMYTH: The skill that he brings on a nightly basis you never know as far as defensemen what you are facing up against, he's such a highly talented player and you know, the D men get weary of a guy like that because he has got so much up his sleeve, and he's a huge asset for us. He's brought so much to the table, not only on the power play, but five-on-five and he thinks the game really well. He sees the ice really well. He's a great passer. He is not recognized as a shooter but he's still got a half decent shot.

Q. Now player Pisani new player?
RYAN SMYTH: Last night I didn't sleep very much. I was so excited, the great opportunity that we have here. I am sure I won't be sleeping tonight either. It is one of those things that you try to just, you know, try to relax and stay focused and don't get sidetracked by all the hoopla that is going on.

Q. Does the rest you had for eight or nine days does that help you here?
RYAN SMYTH: I think it's going to go a long way. We knew from Day-1, you know, from the first game that we played in Carolina that the longer the series went it would be beneficial to us just due to the fact they played a lot of hockey in the last little while. Hopefully that will be in our favor.

Q. Feel like physically you guys have been able to soften them up over last couple of games based on that fatigue factor?
RYAN SMYTH: I think we have done a great job of taking the body and finishing our checks and maybe softening them up a little bit down low. We have to continue that tomorrow as well.

Q. Talk about how you guys have an advantage when it comes to travelling.
RYAN SMYTH: I don't think so. It's Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals and you know what, I think that they are professionals and we're professionals and you have got to deal with it. There is nothing that we can or they can do about the scheduling, so just kind of have to deal with it and go from there.

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