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February 18, 2006

Steve Kerr

Tony Parker

Kendra Wecker


Q. First off, Steve, the obvious, what was that experience like for you, getting back on the international stage like that?
STEVE KERR: It's nerve-wracking. Even though it's just kind of a for-fun event, just something to enjoy.
We were talking about it beforehand. Kendra and I were both a little nervous, but that's the way it's supposed to be. The lights go on and you're involved in the competition and you feel the butterflies, that means you're ready. We had a lot of fun out there.
Q. Since there was no Pop out there, who did the pep talk?
TONY PARKER: Steve. Steve gave us the pep talk.
STEVE KERR: Pop gives us the same one every game anyways. Just replay, push play on the tape recorder. That fired us up.
Q. Did you know that three was going in when it left your hand?
TONY PARKER: The three or the halfcourt?
Q. The halfcourt.
TONY PARKER: Yeah, it felt good. Banged it, so it was good.
STEVE KERR: We couldn't make it in the practice. We ran through a practice, it took us over a minute, right, like over a minute. We missed probably 20 straight half-courters. I'm thinking, this is trouble. We're not going to do very well, and he makes the first one.
Q. Of course she got you guys off to the good start.
TONY PARKER: Very good start.
STEVE KERR: Two out of two, Kendra was great, she got us rolling.
Q. Were you worried about him when he missed his first?
KENDRA WECKER: No, I wasn't worried. I knew it would take him two at the most. He didn't back off from the shot like everyone did. If he missed the first one, I knew he would get the second one in.
Q. Does Chip get any credit for that halfcourt shot?
TONY PARKER: A little bit. Every shot I make he gets credit.
Q. So he actually works on that shot with you guys?
TONY PARKER: I was missing everything in practice, and this morning in practice with the West team, it was my first made today.
Q. Steve, do you now feel like a legend?
STEVE KERR: Isn't that great? You play 15 years, average 16 points a game and they call you a legend when you show up at All-Star Weekend. I won't correct it if they run it, I'll just go with it.
Q. That record is going to be pretty tough to beat, the 25?
STEVE KERR: Yeah, I think we missed two shots; I missed one and Tony missed one. So it's going to be tough to get much better.
TONY PARKER: That's the competition, the record.
Q. Just another big weekend for you, it just keeps getting better and better.
TONY PARKER: Better and better.

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