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June 14, 2006

Jussi Markkanen

Fernando Pisani

Chris Pronger


Q. Chris, at the start of the game you get a goal within 15 seconds, whatever it was, what were you running on early on, what was going on coming out the way you did?
CHRIS PRONGER: I think the biggest thing we wanted to get off to a better start. We certainly did that in getting that quick goal. And just try to leave it all out on the ice and not coming in the locker room and say coulda, shoulda, woulda. Throughout the course of the game we continued to press for the issue and not back off. Fernie gets a big goal as a result of that.

Q. Fernando, when you get a breakaway like that, do you have time to think about what you are going to do or do you rely on instinct?
FERNANDO PISANI: It happened so quick, it was in my pants and I threw it down and I kind of took a quick look and saw that he was kind of over to the blocker's side and just shot it in the top half of the net.

Q. Biggest goal of your career?
FERNANDO PISANI: Yeah, so far. (Laughs).

Q. Talk about Staios in the penalty box?
FERNANDO PISANI: They got some power play goals we wish we could have back. I think it our PK did an okay job today. It was a big kill for us there. We just chopped, got some good down ice pressure to make that play happen. They just threw it out in front there. I was in the right place at the time and went -- poke-checked the puck there, ended up in my pants, next thing you know it was on a breakaway.

Q. Talk about, you outshot them 7-0 in overtime, how aggressive you guys came out in that overtime.
FERNANDO PISANI: We didn't want to sit back. They are a great skating team and they move the puck well. So we wanted to make sure that we established down ice pressure and not sit back and let them take the play to us instead of making sure that we take the play to them.

Q. Chris, what does it mean to be this close to being eliminated? You are in overtime, it's elimination game and to come out alive and have a game on Saturday night?
CHRIS PRONGER: Well, it's huge to get -- we were thinking about trying to get back to Edmonton for Game 6 and certainly in the locker room heading into overtime we wanted to leave it all out there and make sure we were playing our system, playing within the game plan and not getting too aggressive but at the same time we didn't want to sit back and we wanted to continue to take the play to them as we did throughout the bulk of the third period, and it's huge going back home.
Now we have got to go back. You know what the crowd is going to be like back there for Game 6. We have to feed off this win and feed off the crowd and make sure we continue to play that type of game that we had today.

Q. No one is talking about Dwayne Roloson anymore. This series, the difference was going to be Edmonton's goaltending, you taken that out of the picture. Any satisfaction, how do you feel having played so well last three games?
JUSSI MARKKANEN: Well, obviously feeling good after, especially after the win like this, but at the same time we still have a long way to go and well guys definitely have played really good in front of me, so it makes it way more easy for a goaltender.

Q. When you saw that pass coming over from Stillman, were you thinking of attacking because it looked like Staal was maybe cheating a little bit on that play?
FERNANDO PISANI: Yeah, the pass was coming slow, that's why I kind of just jumped up and, you know, Staal's got a long reach too, so I was kind of wasn't sure then I just decided to go for it and it worked out well.

Q. Did you have any sense of presumptuousness around here that the Carolina atmosphere was counting the chickens?
CHRIS PRONGER: No. I think they are right on the doorstep obviously being up 3-1. Today was do or die for us. And certainly we didn't want to -- we wanted to make sure that then weren't having a parade in front of us today. We wanted to get it back to Edmonton and give ourselves another chance.
We have got to look towards Game 6 and not look forward to coming back here. We have got to go to Edmonton, make sure that we win that game and then we'll look to Game 7. But until that, we have got to focus on Saturday night.

Q. What was this day like for you? Have you ever seen a day like this with all that rain and was there an ominous feeling or did you just ignore the elements?
CHRIS PRONGER: We were joking, it was Hurricane Alberta coming through. So it was nice to see that we were getting a piece of a little bit of love from the weather.
THE MODERATOR: Attention media, this is the first short-handed goal in overtime in Stanley Cup Finals history.

Q. Can you talk about the fact that it's first short-handed goal --
FERNANDO PISANI: It was probably the biggest goal I have ever scored in my career and, you know, I got the puck and I looked up, I saw he was cheating to that side and I just picked the top half of the net to shoot at and was fortunate to go in.

Q. How cool is it to have the first shorthanded goal in the Stanley Cup?
FERNANDO PISANI: It's great, especially when our backs are up against the wall and, you know, it's kind of do or die and to score that goal was huge.

Q. What did you think when they called the penalty in overtime?
CHRIS PRONGER: Just looked at the bench and, "Let's kill it off boys." You know, I think throughout the course of the game we showed a lot more composure than probably we did in Game 2 when we they scored a bunch of power play goals and really kind of got their ball rolling. You know, we were very calm on the bench, looked at one another, said, "Let's go kill it and go do a job out there."
Certainly, you know, huge faceoff win, get it down the ice and apply pressure right off the bat and make sure that we were not giving them any easy entries.

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