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June 13, 2006

Doug Weight

Glen Wesley


DOUG WEIGHT: I think we're in the fourth round of the toughest championship in the world to win. We know it's going to be the toughest game to win. I think we're all pretty well grounded. We know what we have it do. We know how we have to play. We know how they are going to come out. Obviously we're going to have to have the fans behind us, it's going to be a big game emotionally, and have to talk about some things to keep in check and keep discipline in check, but I think we know what we have to do.

Q. Your defense is kind of a no-name defense. This group as unit is getting the job done.
DOUG WEIGHT: There's a lot of names in there that have -- that I have always respected and grown and respect tremendously since I have been on this team, how good they are. You can put six guys together and say they match well together but they have to have talent, poise, and be great teammates. These guys are great players, and maybe the no name would be unknown by a lot of people, but I think that's no longer, I think deserve the tag they have, a great -- we have a great defense.

Q. (Inaudible).
DOUG WEIGHT: When you are in either position, we talk about this all playoffs, you use positives. You use positive clips when you lose. You use positives when you are down in the series, reflect back, and vice versa on the other side, on the flip-side, we're going to use the fact that we're up 3-1 and we're at home and we want to get this thing done and that means we have got to play our best game.
These two teams are left for a reason. We have beaten teams that are great teams. We have overcome adversity, both teams have, so it's going to be a battle tomorrow and when you drop the puck at 0-0 there is no advantage. We have got to come out and play a great game.

Q. I know your circumstances a little bit but in the new NHL, teams aren't going to stay together for a long time the way they might have 10, 15 years ago. Does that add anything to your group knowing that this one way or the other probably be your last --
GLEN WESLEY: Well, that's reality, and obviously, guys move on and guys are at certain stages in their career, guys -- got a great bunch of young guys, so, I don't know obviously what the future holds but there are some guys that we picked up that obviously are going to be probably looking to have their options left open and we'll see what happens down the road, but obviously our focus here is for Game 5.

Q. Will this be a long 24 hours for you never having been this close before?
GLEN WESLEY: I slept well the night before Game 4, so I don't see why it's going to change. Obviously we have got to focus and get our rest and prepare for Game 5 here, but the bottom line is you know, in preparing for Game 5 and you know, it's obviously difficult to think about, and the biggest thing you got to do is prepare ourselves and know what is going to be at stake and we know we have got to play our best game in the series.

Q. Just getting this far is a heck of an accomplishment. Do you allow yourself a little bit of time to enjoy it?
GLEN WESLEY: Well, I don't know what you call enjoy it, but you know, I guess the biggest thing you can say is you got to enjoy it to win Game 4 and that's the thing we have got to focus on.
We haven't accomplished anything yet and I don't think anybody is satisfied here yet until we win that fourth game and that's the bottom line. We're not going to sit around here and be happy with where we are sitting right now and where we stand. We want to get that fourth win over as quick as possible.

Q. Two games here were really high scoring and two games there were pretty low scoring -- (inaudible).
GLEN WESLEY: I guess there's no reason for it. Obviously we scored some three power play goals in Game 2 and in Game 1 we got one, so we struggled in Game 3, but I guess that's playoff hockey, you are going to have to play tight and 2-1 games and that's going to be expected.

Q. No sense of any different play in different arenas --
GLEN WESLEY: I don't believe so. There's really no big change or no major adjustments that were made, obviously the goaltenders are both playing very well and have made some big saves throughout the series.

Q. Penalty kill has been successful.
GLEN WESLEY: We haven't really changed a whole lot from what we have done really through the whole playoff series. We're trying to be as aggressive as possible taking away time and space, really getting our bodies in shot lanes, sticks in passing lanes, and that's really never changed.
So it's something that we have got to continue to do and not make too many adjustments, but see what they are trying to do to change up things.

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