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June 5, 2006

Rod Brind'Amour

Cam Ward

Ryan Whitney


Q. Cam, on the stops you made Horcoff, when you're diving across like that, do you have any time to think or is it just pure reaction?
CAM WARD: I think it is pure reaction. You know, the play, Ryan Smyth made, obviously a great play through the legs and to pass back to Horcoff, and a play where I dropped and just out of pure desperation, put my glove out there and I was very fortunate to make the save.
Q. Rod, can you run us through your winning goal there?
ROD BRIND'AMOUR: Well, you probably saw it, it wasn't much that I did. We got on forecheck and went -- the goalie I think they had a little mix-up, not sure who the defenseman was, I think this a little mix-up who was going to get it and obviously the goalie is behind the net, just a matter of flipping it into the net. Don't get too many of those, but I'll definitely take them.
Q. Ray, what were your feelings about the way the team was playing before your goals and the way it played afterwards?
RAY WHITNEY: We played terrible, the two periods. You know, we left the game tonight feeling very fortunate. We played a little better in the third but we still got ourselves into some penalty trouble late in the third.
So we are not kidding ourselves, we're not real pleased with the way we played tonight.
Q. Rod, on that same note, the club was down 3-0, were you surprised at how quickly they seemed to come out after their longer layoff than what you all had?
ROD BRIND'AMOUR: No. I thought they were going to come out hard. I thought we would, too. I think to their credit, they played a good road game. You could see that was their intent, to not take too many chances and stick to their game plan. You know, they bottled us up for the most part.
You know, we had a couple big plays and that was the difference.
Q. Rod, can you talk about the second intermission and what, if you could, gain any momentum from that first goal and what you said and how you got people back out on the ice?
ROD BRIND'AMOUR: It went on the ice -- we knew where we were at. We knew that we were down two, and not playing very well. We still had a chance and I think the fact that we've come back a lot this year, kind of good and bad, rest on this a little bit too much, we were not panicking but we knew if we could pick it up, we've got a chance. Got a couple big goals and got us right back in.
Q. Is this a good illustration of what happens in the new NHL, you can be down by three and still be in the game, compared to two years ago, you go down by three, it's pretty much over?
ROD BRIND'AMOUR: That's a great point and I think all year, that's the way it's been. That's why you do see so many comebacks because you're going to get chances, you're going to maybe get a power play here or there. But I think it also makes for more exciting hockey. The game is not over, first period, you can go and nail it in. The game is never over.
Q. This is the first Stanley Cup Final game played in two years, how much just in terms of the entertainment value, and all of those other things for the game?
ROD BRIND'AMOUR: Well, I don't know, you're watching it, I'm playing it, it's a little different.
I think all year, our team has been exciting because we do seem to, for whatever reason, get behind and find ways to scratch and claw and make huge saves. I mean, you know, I'd say my dad, he's having a heart attack, we're fun to watch but not the way you want to do it.
Q. Can you talk about the penalty shot.
CAM WARD: Yeah, well, I didn't really see what happened in the crease. You know, it's a tough call but one of those things that you couldn't do anything about it. You've just got to move forward. You know, Pronger came in, a little bit slower than expected and he made a really good shot, that's a tough area to stop.
Again, it's how you respond to those situations that matter.
Q. That's a team that's had goaltending problems all year and the guy who shored it up is out for the series, your reaction to that and does it put you in the driver's seat?
ROD BRIND'AMOUR: That's the first I've heard of that.
We don't know much about their other guys, I don't know how to comment. I know that whether he's in or not, it's not going to change our game. We're certainly not, you know, focusing on a goaltender. So I don't know how to really respond to that other than it's not going to change our game plan, though.

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