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June 5, 2006

Craig MacTavish


Q. How is your goalie?
COACH CRAIG MACTAVISH: Goalie's not good. Won't be back in the series.
So an unfortunate set of circumstances to have happen in the game tonight obviously, with Roly playing as well as he has been. The important thing for us as a team and I know we can, I feel very confident that we can, bounce back from it. I've been in this situation -- I was saying to the players before, with St. Louis when now broadcaster Nick Kypreos went into Fuhr and Jon Casey had been out as long as any of our two goalies have been. And Casey came in and played well. Our goaltenders are capable of coming in here and playing well, both Jussi and Ty.
I felt that we played a solid game tonight and we can recover from this. Just passed on to Roly that, job well done, and it's up to us to take it from here and we're capable of doing it.
Q. What's the injury?
COACH CRAIG MACTAVISH: Knee. I'm not an expert, but it's similar to what Radek had, according to Kenny Lowe. So very similar to what he had.
Q. You have two goalies to choose from now, you've been flip-flopping them back and forth, do you know who your starter would be for Game 2 and who will get the chance to run with this thing?
COACH CRAIG MACTAVISH: No. They have been close all year long. We'll make that decision tomorrow in concert with the other coaches and talk to the goaltenders and get a sense. We could see platooning as well of the goaltenders, depending on the performance, obviously.
Q. Because of the way you guys played the first, second period especially, do you see this game as a big missed opportunity?
COACH CRAIG MACTAVISH: Yeah, I think that's safe to say. We're a team, we got seduced late in the second period into trading chances. And as a team, when you're up three goals, you want to be very selective in terms of how aggressive you're going to chase the puck up ice. It was obviously a big goal, I think with about three and a half minutes left that got them to 3-1. Then that re-energized the building, and as I've seen them do before, they scored. And we had plenty of opportunity.
But I was happy with the way that we played, certainly to start the game after a layoff. I thought we were sharp. But the disappointing thing was that we didn't manage our game mentally as well as what we should have, given the circumstances, and a little unfortunate obviously. Ty comes in, he makes a great pad save and then he gloves one and he's got his confidence and then he goes back to play the puck and a little bit too much confidence in a situation where obviously you just want to get rid of it at that point around the boards. He was confident, didn't see Brind'Amour coming in the back and Brind'Amour got another one.
Q. Given that goal, would you worry about his confidence now and would you be less likely to go to him?
COACH CRAIG MACTAVISH: I think it's a valid question, a valid concern. But I know Ty is a tough, tough guy mentally, as most people that know him and have seen him all year long, he's never at once wavered in his confidence to be an NHL goalie and I don't anticipate that he'll do that now.
Q. Can you talk about Bergeron's role in that situation and not coming back on. Also discuss the penalty shot with Pronger?
COACH CRAIG MACTAVISH: The goal as a product of Stevie and Bergeron getting flip-flopped, and Steve he's forced to try to take that puck. Initially he had a tough angle from our bench, but I think he initially tried to take it on his forehands and it boggled on him and the timing, Bergie is holding the line in hopes that we're going to get -- he's going to be able to handle it and get across the line and try to turn it into an offensive play. You know, bounces by Stevie and Berge a second late and we give up the shorthanded breakaway, something we have not done all playoffs long, given up a shorthanded goal that is, in the back of a net. Maybe a little inexperience and a little overaggressiveness, but you can't fault the guy because he's out there trying to win us a hockey game in the situation.
I just saw the play briefly, and, you know, it looked like Ladd stumbled coming to the net, he was a little off-balance and Bergie is thinking it's going to be -- desperation play at the net and tries to take his man. Obviously in hindsight it's something he would not do but you're certainly not going to criticize the guy if he walks right through the face of the net and puts it in the back of net, I would criticize him, but not tonight with the circumstances.
Q. Penalty shot?
COACH CRAIG MACTAVISH: Penalty shot, you know, big goal for us, obviously put us up 2-0. We've been reasonably good at protecting leads through these playoffs. Pronger makes a great play, he's got all kinds of confidence and composure and goes in and gets it short-side just over the pad.
Q. You guys have been on a nice run through the playoffs, do you wonder how you guys are going to responds to this adversity?
COACH CRAIG MACTAVISH: You know what, I don't wonder at all. We've got a resilient group in there, a confident group, a very tight-knit group, we'll rally around either Jussi or Ty, whoever we start in the next game and we'll play a more intelligent game, and I have no question whatsoever how we're going to react to this.

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