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May 26, 2006

Martin Gerber

Mark Recchi

Eric Staal


Q. Marty, talk about what the last month has been like for you, how frustrating it was not to be playing.
MARTIN GERBER: It's never fun to be watching, but Cam was playing great. He was unbelievably hot. Took us out of that Montreal series. So just got to be patient keep working hard.
Q. How satisfying it is to play this type of game, get a shut out and make some huge saves in the first period?
MARTIN GERBER: It was nice to start like that, you felt in the game right away, then we scored some big goals. I think that was huge for us in the third period to get that 2-0 lead.
Q. How sick were you at the start of the play?
MARTIN GERBER: One of those things just where you are out for a couple of days. I wasn't really healthy, but I don't want to use it as an excuse but it was just not really comfortable what happened.
Q. No apologies for taking advantage of a depleted defensive core and playing a solid game.
MARK RECCHI: No, not at all. We had to come in here and try get home ice back and we know what type of team they got. We played great tonight, got the puck deep. We didn't have very many turnovers and that's important.
We got a couple of goals early, which they have really thrived on throughout the playoffs. Obviously that helped us.
Q. Talk about the save on Drury. It was still 0-0, he came in and you look like you were down and out, all of a sudden you got the glove up on him. Take us through that save.
MARTIN GERBER: I was kind of thinking, he's going to go back kind of around and I don't know, just reflections -- you don't see it, sometimes it happens.
Q. Mark, scoring a goal tonight, been a little tough playoff, at least this series, were you happy with the way you have been playing?
MARK RECCHI: I felt comfortable out there and my game is more than just points, and I try and bring energy and try and play physical. Obviously I have got points throughout my career, but I don't look at myself as a guy that just relies on getting points. The playoffs is a process and a series is a seven-game process, and you have to play hard every shift. You have to play physical every shift and a lot of times that doesn't show up on the score sheet but it pays off in the end.
Q. (Inaudible) do you get to the point now that you are going to score in every game?
ERIC STAAL: I hope so. On anything I can do to help our team to win games is what I am going to try to do. Played a good game tonight. I thought guys stepped up with some big goals, Recchs early, and then a couple of other guys. So we need to continue it.
Q. Mark, nothing against Cam or the goalie situation, but when you see a goalie like Martin making saves like he did on Drury what does that do for the team's confidence in going forward?
MARK RECCHI: Obviously it's huge. Marty did it all year for us. We know he was sick before. He might not use it as an excuse. When you lose 10 pounds a couple of days before playoffs started, it's hard to recover. Cam stepped in did a wonderful job for us. The coaches decided it was time for Marty's turn. We had no doubts that he was going to play like he did tonight. There was no question marks whatsoever.
Q. Is this series going about the way you thought?
MARK RECCHI: Yeah, I honestly thought this series was going to go seven either way. We came here to try and get home ice back and now we have a job to do go at home.
I mean, we know this is going to be a tough series. That's a heck of a hockey team over there. I don't care if they have got injuries or not. They are very well coached, great goaltending and they come at you in waves. They got a lot of skill over there we have got to be weary of. Exactly the way we expected it.
Q. Ever been in a series like this where there hasn't been momentum on either side?
MARK RECCHI: Yeah, I have been in a lot of series like that where it's just, you know, one team really doesn't take control and I think that just shows you how close teams we are. The second period has been our downfall in our two losses. When we have played well for 60 minutes, we have been able to come up front. We know that's very important and if we're going to come out on top on Sunday, we're going to have to play the exact same way and play for 60 minutes. If we have any lulls, they are a team that can exploit us.
Q. Ryan Miller thought you guys pushed it up a little bit on your power play. (Inaudible)?
ERIC STAAL: One of those things, we worked it around up top and then kind of found a lane, shot it through the D and Dougie Weight did a great job standing right in front of there causing a screen. I don't think he saw it, kind of squeaked through him. Those are the kind of plays you need on the power play. You fortunate enough to get one in there.

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