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May 25, 2006

Randy Carlyle

Jean-Sebastien Giguere

Dustin Penner


JAMEY HORAN: We have Coach Carlyle at the podium. First question.
Q. Randy, could you just talk about your kids tonight, Penner Lupul, they all played really well.
COACH CARLYLE: Again, the younger players have made a contribution to our team's success, and I think they just have to maintain that level, and I think they have the ability to take it to another level. Some of the things they've been able to do, not only in the playoffs but in the regular season, we knew that they had the ability to do some things on the offensive side of it. And they are making strong contributions in a pretty intense situation.
Q. Randy, I know the players and I think yourself felt like you had some momentum coming from Tuesday night and obviously that third period. That first period looked like it obviously carried over into tonight and the way you seized the first period?
COACH CARLYLE: Again, we felt we were down 3-0 and we hadn't played that poorly. And we just found a way in these last two games to score nine goals. So that in itself is a hurdle that we've overcome that for a while, we were offensively challenged. And then in two games, we found a crack in the armor.
Q. Randy, your thought process on your goalie switch and your assessment of Giguere's play?
COACH CARLYLE: Again, with the goaltender you always weigh, and I talked about it earlier today, you weigh the positives, negatives, pluses, minuses to making the decision on one individual or the other. The one thing that we've been confident with is our goaltenders have been able to provide us with a level of goaltending that we can have success and it didn't matter which one.
It just so happened that Bryzgalov had stole the net in the Calgary series and he won three straight games with shutouts, so it didn't take Einstein to say stick with him. Then we got into this series and I didn't think that he played poorly, but we weren't getting any results. So you always want to make sure that you give your veteran guy an opportunity to prove himself, and I thought he came in and did the job for us.
Q. Randy, four times out of six, the team down 3-0 has been able to win Game 4. What's the challenge in carrying that into Game 5? No other team's been able to do that so far?
COACH CARLYLE: Again, we are going to try and bottle some of the energy that we were able to display and make some adjustments because I think they're going to play their best game of the series on Saturday. We know that.
We feel that we have the ability to play to another level also. So as far as never -- nobody's ever won the fifth game down three to one, there's a lot of history and we'd like to be part of making that change and we're going to play or have to play our best game of the series again.
Q. Randy, would you talk a little please about your power play. If I understand it correctly, you were pretty good earlier on in the year, but the you have been struggling on the power play, haven't you?
COACH CARLYLE: Well, I think that would be somewhat of an understatement at this point. The power play tonight delivered one goal on I think it was one for eight and that makes us 2 for 28 on the series. It has to come to life for us to continue to have success.
We've done some things and we're going to make some adjustments and continue to tinker. You have to give them credit. They put lots of pressure on the puck. They've got some big defensemen that keep the front of the net clear and they've blocked some shots in some situations that I think we would be better served to have a different type of shot selection. And I think that's, in reality, is where we are today.
Q. Randy, as crazy as the second period was, how did you manage to settle things down as well as you did in the third?
COACH CARLYLE: Again, I think what you try to do is as a coach, we called a time-out when the tide swung in their favor and we started standing around slapping pucks. It doesn't matter who you play against, every team is going to be effective, and specifically when you're in your own building with the type of crowd that they had and they turned the momentum of the game in their favor with the goal. And then they went and got another one. All of a sudden, we were back on our heels.
We were fortunate enough to get out of the second period. We got back into the dressing room, and we tried to get back to doing the things that we normally do in protecting a lead, keep your third guy high above the puck, don't stop forechecking, don't let them come at you in waves, don't slap the puck around the wall and feed the points. All those kind of things that coaches, I guess, would scream and holler and be adamant that your team makes a commitment to not turning the puck over and all those things that are staples of any coaching staff trying to protect a lead.
JAMEY HORAN: Thank you. Coach.
Take questions for Jean-Sebastien.
Q. How difficult was it not only to play after not playing for so long, but to play in a game with this atmosphere and as competitive as this one was?
JEAN-SEBASTIEN GIGUERE: Well, it's a little bit difficult. Obviously it's not the best situation when you haven't played for a month. Doesn't matter if you ride the bike real hard, nothing duplicates a playoff game. But it was easy to be motivated for this game. You know, it was a very important game for us obviously, and after not playing for a month, I think it's easy to be motivated to play a game when the coach tells you you're going. So I was pretty happy to get the call tonight.
Q. Can you just talk about how badly you wanted to play and did you try to convince the coach ahead of time that Yeah, I want to play this game?
JEAN-SEBASTIEN GIGUERE: I didn't talk to the coach. He knows I want to and all twenty of us want to play and be part of this thing. And I wanted to play badly, but at the same time I didn't want bad things to happen to our team. It's one of these things you don't want to be selfish. The team goes before yourself and stuff like that. But I was happy I got the call, and you know, I'm happy that I won the airway.
Q. Rusty said that he thought you were a little nervous going in. About what time did you find out today that you were going and when did you start feeling comfortable within the game?
JEAN-SEBASTIEN GIGUERE: I guess after I gave up the third goal, I just told myself, you know I've got nothing to lose here. It's just another hockey gave. I've played a thousand of those and I just got to, you know, give myself a chance and give my team a chance to win. And that's -- you know, I was a little bit nervous. I won't lie. It's been a while since I played. I didn't want to let my teammates down. So, you know, I wanted to do well, just give myself a chance.
And, you know, I mean, I knew this afternoon that I was going start, so it was enough time to be ready.
Q. When the puck was at the other end the whole time there and then all of a sudden you looked up and it was 4-3. Are you thinking the goals I gave up weren't that bad and the shots were like 30 to 9 or whatever they were?
JEAN-SEBASTIEN GIGUERE: As you go after the number of shots, it does no good, you know that as a goalie. But, you just got to forget about what happened. And just kind of keep moving forward. And if you just focus on three goals and one shot, I mean being you're not going to do very good after that. So you move on and take one shot at a time and that's kind of what I told myself. You know , just be focused and just let -- there was a lot of hockey to be played, and obviously at the time we had the momentum, so for me just to take it one at a time.
JAMEY HORAN: Thank you. We have to have Jean-Sebastien leave. He has to get ready to catch a plane.
Q. The kids really came up large today for the Ducks, yourself and Lupul. How much pressure is there for you to show up in a game like this with a lot of veterans?
DUSTIN PENNER: Most of the pressure is put on your onus. You know, me, Getz, Perry, and Lups, Kunitz, other than Lupul, we've all been rookies in this league for a bit and now it's time to stop using that as an excuse and start playing the way we played grown up.
Q. Dustin, can you describe the two goals, please?
DUSTIN PENNER: In the first one we had good pressure down low with me, Teemu and Marchant. We just cycled a couple times and got the pucks to the net and Teemu took the initial shot and I got a couple whacks at it, and we got a good break. But our team's earned that.
And then the second one, Teemu cycled it down low and I took it to the net and Marchant was driving, so Pronger went down and I just thought, wait him out and then I put a shot on net.
Q. Especially these two games that was something that your team was trying to get done in the first two games?
DUSTIN PENNER: I didn't hear the first part.
Q. How have you been able to establish a presence down low in these two games, which is something the team was trying to do in the first two games.
DUSTIN PENNER: I think we established ourselves down low in the first two games as well in Anaheim, it's just we weren't finding those balances and getting as much traffic as we have been in the first two. But that's definitely been a game plan of ours in the whole series as well.
Q. Hockey night in Canada has a feature on you but they're holding it for one game to make sure you got the fifth game in Anaheim. Obviously you had to something about that to make sure it ran?
DUSTIN PENNER: That should be nice for my parents to see, but I've just been concentrating on helping this team win and playing hard every night. We've had a good solid effort from everyone in the room. There's no give up in our locker room right now.
Q. There were a lot of different line combinations tonight than we've seen earlier in the series. Did you think that that created some energy, just a little bit of a different look? And also, does the deficit you face now, does that mountain look a little smaller to you now?
DUSTIN PENNER: About the lines, yeah, we changed things up to just try and break that wall that was kind of there that we couldn't get the pucks going in that we wanted to. And you know, everybody can play with each other on this team. You know, we feed off each other.
And then, you know, about the deficit, we're just worried about the next game, don't look past that. Biggest game of the year is Saturday in Anaheim.
JAMEY HORAN: Thank you.

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