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May 23, 2006

Randy Carlyle


JAMEY HORAN: First question.
Q. Was this kind of a good news/bad news ending to that game tonight?
COACH CARLYLE: You know, this game was one that was competed on the highest level of any of the previous games, and there was a lot of hard work put in by both teams. From our perspective, the game changed on the call on Selanne, the holding call down in the offensive season. That's kind of baffling from our perspective on that call. And then the third goal Pisani had both feet planted in the crease. Our goaltender couldn't come across. Those are things that come back to haunt us.
We made some mistakes tonight that did cost us the turnover and along the wall for Peca's goal. And then the one turnover for their fifth goal in front of our net. But other than that, we thought we played a pretty competitive hockey game, and we had lots of opportunities and didn't get it done.
Q. Speaking of calls, saw a couple of your coaches thinking they had a couple dives, especially on a call there. Anything about your team that you're upset with on that little flurry of penalties?
COACH CARLYLE: Seemed like that was the turning point for the things that went against us, and we have to obviously be more disciplined when that tide turns that we continually went to the penalty box, the one retaliation penalty by Vishnevski was a bad penalty. You cannot do that. No matter how hard the swing or the roughing infraction, you just don't do that. You saw that we were a benefit of Todd Harvey taking a retaliatory penalty, and so you know that that was the standard and didn't react well in that situation.
JAMEY HORAN: Next question? No further questions?
Thank you, Coach.

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