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June 8, 2006

Billy Andrade


CHRIS REIMER: We welcome Billy Andrade, good job today. 5 under par. Bogey free round, I believe. Talk about the things you did right out there.

BILLY ANDRADE: I drove it nicely. I think playing the ball up makes it a little easier with the dampness and stuff, so I didn't make any mistakes. I had a lot of opportunities. It was just a good, solid day today, good effort.

Q. You've always talked about how much you like this course and the courses in the area. Is this a bit of a reflection of that do you think?

BILLY ANDRADE: Well, I haven't had much of a reflection up to this point this year. It's been a very frustrating season so far for me. I've played well and my results have been horrible. It's really tough on the mind when you feel like you're so close but then again you're not seeing any results coming up into here.

I think it was epitomized at the Open qualifying. I hit 31 greens and missed it by one. That was kind of the straw. So coming in here not a whole lot of expectation, just knowing that I've been playing well and just haven't been scoring and putting very good. Today was a nice putting day. Like everybody, when you're putting, you're competing, and when you're not putting, you can't compete out here. It's a frustrating process when you don't get the ball in the hole. And I've always been a great putter my whole career. I must have taken it for granted, but I never really felt like that wasn't my problem, my problem was I couldn't hit it straight, I was always all over the place and I would always scramble. Sometimes scrambling is fun. It is fun. It may be taxing on the brain with some panic attacks, but overall when you're scrambling you're making saves and you're saving, it's fun golf. And when you're hitting it ten feet every hole and two putting and walking away with pars and an occasional bogey and shooting 72 or 73, you can't compete against the best players in the world.

Q. And the putting, obviously

BILLY ANDRADE: I've gone back and forth from claw, no claw, conventional. I've tried a bunch of different putters. I had a new one in the bag today. I went claw today, and I think I'm going to stick with that for a while and try and get a good routine going.

Q. What putter did you use today?

BILLY ANDRADE: I used a new one. I went from Joe Pesce's Pro Am today and skins game in New Jersey straight to the truck over here at Westchester, the Mizuno truck, and had two putters made in five minutes because they had to get to the Yankees Red Sox game, kind of like you guys want to get out of here. I put it in the bag in the Pro Am yesterday and went with it today. I don't even know it's a Bettinardi putter, but it's a Mizuno Bettinardi putter but I don't know the number or the name.

Q. So the putting killed you?

BILLY ANDRADE: Three putting has killed me all year. They want to see what you're shooting. They want to see what your results are and they want to see you winning tournaments, and if you're missing cuts if you're not putting, you're not competing out here. That's just the bottom line.

Q. Did you know playing Canoe Brook that 4 was going to be the number?

BILLY ANDRADE: You know, you always know in those situations that a birdie is a hell of a lot better than a par. One extra one I felt like 5 or 6 would have a great chance of getting in there, and I was 3 going into the last hole.

Q. Did you have a birdie chance?

BILLY ANDRADE: Yeah, I didn't hit a very good iron shot into the last, but I had an easy par 5 on 6 and a par 5 on 8 coming in on the easy course and didn't birdie either of them and that was the killer for me. I shoot 66 on that course and I shot 1 over on the other one. I threw away some shots coming in to shoot that.

Getting back to today, today was great. No bogeys, very solid. I birdied 15, made a hell of a birdie there; birdied 12. I don't think those birdied those two holes maybe together in ten years, and I birdied both of them in one day, which is the highlight.

CHRIS REIMER: You were close to birdying 18 with that second shot.

BILLY ANDRADE: Yeah, I had a six footer and I hit a bad putt there.

Q. How long was 15 years ago feel? Do you still remember that win?

BILLY ANDRADE: You know, it's a long time ago, it really is.

Q. What do you see as the big differences? I know there's got to be a ton. It's changed on Tour and out here

BILLY ANDRADE: Well, I think the golf ball has changed. I think the tees on this golf course, there's new tees on some holes that have changed. It's a different game. Back then it was more shot makers back then, hit left and right, up and down, Seve Ballesteros was the man back then as far as having all that imagination. We don't produce those kind of guys now. We produce guys that hit it high and far and long. I think that's probably the biggest difference.

Q. You said you didn't have much in the way of expectations coming in here, but having had past success and coming to a place that you do like, was that any sort of light at the end of the tunnel?

BILLY ANDRADE: Yeah. All you can do is when you get in these situations, just tee it up. That's why it's such a humbling game. That's what I think defines a true pro. Even at times when you're not on or not playing well, you still have to go tee it up because you never know. Look at Timmy Herron, he was talking to me a month ago about moving to Minnesota and didn't know if that was the right thing. He's got these little babies and it's cold in the wintertime and his game is gone, and the next week he wins. You look at Jeff Maggert coming out of the blue and winning in Memphis. You know, it's in here. It's in all of us, it's just a matter of going out there and doing it. Maybe this will be a week for me where good things happen and I have a chance to win. I'm just trying to get myself in position on Sunday, and if I'm in one of those last few groups, I've got a great chance of winning, I know that.

End of FastScripts.

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