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June 8, 2006

Adam Scott


CHRIS REIMER: Welcome, Adam Scott, 6 under par, closed with two birdies. Must have been nice to finish strong like that.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it was. I hadn't really made any putts out there today. It was more a case of holed a couple from off the green and holed a shot and had a couple of tap ins on the par 5s. To see a couple putts go in is a nice feeling going into tomorrow.

CHRIS REIMER: Talk about the shot on 7.

ADAM SCOTT: Well, I had 99 yards, and obviously the greens are very soft, so I tried to hit a little wedge to control the spin, and it landed into the hill behind the hole and came back down in. You know, that was a nice way to get the round jump started.

Q. How far did it roll back in do you think?

ADAM SCOTT: Probably 15 feet.

Q. I know the golf course is playing longer, but are these the most favorable scoring conditions you can have, given how soft it is?

ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely. The softer golf courses get easier when they play that way. Although I think they took that into consideration when they were cutting the pins today because there were some very tricky pins out there.

Q. I think you've had three Top 5 finishes in your last three events, at least here, outside the BMW. Do you look at that as disappointing that you haven't been able to cash in or that you're making progress, especially heading into next week at Winged Foot?

ADAM SCOTT: A bit of both. I think overall it's good stuff. Unfortunately last weekend and at Byron Nelson I was in good position to challenge and win the tournament. The putts didn't fall for me at the right time on Sunday, so I didn't win. If I keep giving myself chances, I'm pretty sure I'm going to win here. Again this week, that's the goal, to get in position for a run on Sunday and then over to the U.S. Open next week.

Q. How much more confidence have you gained putting on greens over here because when you left Wentworth you weren't really too happy about missing the cut and putting on those greens?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, last week, beautiful greens at Muirfield. Unfortunately for me the greens were the same as at Wentworth. That's why it was nice to make two putts at the end today. A lot of the time the putts didn't even look like going in today, so it was nice to see a couple go in and fill me with a bit of confidence for tomorrow.

Q. When you have putts of those length, are you trying to make them or two putt? What's your mindset with a 25, 30 footer?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, I mean, it depends on the situation, the break obviously. Those last two were pretty simple ones. The one on the last green we played straight. If it's the right read, I should make it if I put a good stroke on it. When this grass gets water in it, it makes them quite bumpy, and then it makes them tricky because the greens have so much slope on them, as well, if it gets going with the slope and a couple bumps to the left, all of a sudden it looks like a bad putt, even though it was a good one.

Q. Could you talk about the conditions out there, the wet conditions?

ADAM SCOTT: You know, I didn't have one casual water drop today, so I think the course is holding up. It has its low spots where it's very wet, but overall, I mean, we had a lot of rain. I think they did well to get the course ready for today, and it was certainly very playable. It wasn't that bad at all, really.

Q. If you could sort of find some confidence with the putter, how much would it reduce desperation for next week?

ADAM SCOTT: I need to find it this week because they've got the same greens over there next week. I'd love to putt on Bent every week of my life because I feel great on it. That's not the way it goes unfortunately. With some good weather, they'll firm out and they'll roll nice, and they will here over the weekend, too. It would be nice to see a few putts go down this week, that's for sure. It would be a good feeling going into next week.

Q. Do you find particularly when conditions are like this that some guys may have a better opportunity for shooting low, maybe more of an aggressive nature, going straight to the pins, that lend themselves to low numbers more?

ADAM SCOTT: The soft conditions you mean?

Q. Well, yeah.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. I mean, when it's this soft, you just hit it straight at the pin, and provided it's not a wedge that's going to spin a lot, it's going to stop right there. I mean, out here there are so many guys that are playing good every week that someone is going to shoot a low score in these conditions no matter how hard the course is set up.

Q. Obviously you shot low today, but do you feel like you have one of those games, set up well for those conditions?

ADAM SCOTT: I mean, not particularly, no. I mean, I try and build my game to be set up good for any conditions, whether it's hard and fast. I try to become a complete player, not just relying on the conditions to suit me.

Q. Any similarities to here and Riviera other than the rain? Old classic course?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, certainly. I think Riviera is not quite as hilly as here. This has a lot of slope on it, a lot of slope in the fairway, a lot of slope in the greens. Riviera is not quite as much, although there is a big hill involved at Riviera. I do love these traditional style courses. I think they're a pleasure to play and the big old freeze frame holes, it looks nice. Holes look beautiful, and I really find these courses and the challenge they present a lot more fun to play than the more modern golf courses.

Q. It just so happens that you look at some of the guys on the leaderboard now and there happens to be a lot of guys who have played here quite a bit in the past, and this is your third time here, which is not a lot. Is it one of those things where it's right out in front of you that you don't need to know the golf course, or do you feel like you do know it fairly well?

ADAM SCOTT: I think you need to know it a little bit. There's a lot of blind shots, so you need to get a feel of the lines off the tee and also into the greens. With greens that have so much slope on them, to get near the pin sometimes you've got to shoot away from the pin. If you're coming into a blind green like early in the front nine, the 3rd hole, almost the 4th hole, depending on where you drive it, you need to know where to hit it. I think a bit of knowledge helps around here, and I think three times is not as many as some guys who have been here 15, but I've certainly played a lot of rounds of golf here, enough to know where I need to go.

CHRIS REIMER: We'll go through your clubs here on your bogeys and birdies, starting with the 5th hole.

ADAM SCOTT: 5th hole was a driver, 5 wood and up and down out of a green side bunker.

Bogey on 6, I three putted.

7 was a 5 wood and a pitching wedge into the hole.

9 was a driver and a 5 wood and two putts.

Birdie on 12, driver and a 7 iron and a chip in.

Q. How far on the chip in?

ADAM SCOTT: 20 yards maybe, maybe a bit less, 15, 20 yards.

17, birdie, driver and a lob wedge.

18 was driver, 7 iron, pitching wedge and one putt.

Q. How far was that putt, about 20 feet?

ADAM SCOTT: Maybe farther, 25 feet.

Q. How far was the putt on 17?

ADAM SCOTT: 20 feet, 25 feet.

End of FastScripts.

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