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June 18, 2006

Geoff Ogilvy


Q. How does it feel to be the U.S. Open champion?

GEOFF OGILVY: I don't know. It's hard to I don't know. It's slightly sinking in. Pretty special.

Q. Talk about the chronology of coming down and seeing what happened with Phil, and maybe from your 17th hole?

GEOFF OGILVY: 17, I thought I was in a bit of trouble. Obviously I was way in the boonies, had a terrible lie, tried to go for a bit too much but thought I had to at that point. I thought 4 under was going to be the number because Monty just made birdie on 17, and I thought one of them was going to finish at about 3 or 4. Left it in the rough, missed the green. Yeah, wow, chipped it in. Just scary. What do you say? I mean, a shot that you wait your whole life to chip it in in a situation like that when you need to, and then you do.

Monty was on the fairway on 18, and I thought he's going to hit the green and make a 4 and I'll have to make a birdie. I hit the best drive I hit all week right there. It wasn't in a divot; it was my end of a divot, so it didn't really affect how I hit the ball. It might have slowed the ball down because of the sand, but in the air I thought it was going pretty close, I have to say. I was pretty happy with my second shot.

After the first time all week it kind of hits and spins back. There have been some big bounces out here so it's weird. It's flying another foot, it's right down the hill. I thought I'll get this up and down and I'll lose by a shot, that's what I thought. It was a tricky chip shot, and I hit a good shot and made the putt, and I thought 2nd in the Open is pretty good. That's a good spot.

Phil is probably going to think about that one for a while because that's hard to swallow. I thought I would make a playoff because 18 is a hard hole, but I never thought that would happen.

Q. What was your mindset going through watching?

GEOFF OGILVY: I was in the scorer's hut trying to process how I'm going to finish 1st or 2nd in the U.S. Open, this is pretty good. Then I see he drives it in the trees, and I thought, well, we might make a playoff here, change the hotel, stay all day tomorrow and then fly back. That's kind of weird.

I don't know. I watched it kind of in the background; I didn't know what was going on. I thought I had a third shot and he lands in the bunker like that because it's the first one I saw all week do that. I think I was the beneficiary of a little bit of charity. I think I got a bit lucky.

Q. One of your peers said he likes the attitude you bring to a major championship and that you've brought the last year or so. Do you treat it like any other tournament?

GEOFF OGILVY: I don't know. For some bizarre reason, the last five majors starting at Pinehurst last year, I've played better at majors than I had been playing around that point. I don't know why. Pinehurst I got more out of my game than I should have and finished 25th or something. You guys probably already checked that out.

St. Andrews I played really well, just finished off birdied three of the last four holes in the Open, that's pretty special. That gave me a lot of confidence.

Baltusrol I finished just in front of Tiger. I was the leader in the clubhouse and then he birdied the last hole, the par 5, to get one in front of me. At that point it looked good because the weather was coming in. I wasn't going to win, but it was close.

At Christmastime I knew I was exempt in all four. At the start of the year I knew I was getting in all of them. I set my mind about thinking about it and what I needed to do. For some bizarre reason I get if I'm 2 over after five holes in a normal PGA TOUR event, I'm pretty stroppy. Here at a major it hasn't been affecting me so much. Maybe because I know everyone else is struggling or that you've got no chance unless you bring your best sort of patience and attitude. I can't explain why.

To be honest with you, I don't know. I mean, this is the last one I would have thought I was going to win because I don't drive it very straight and I demonstrated that on the last nine holes. I didn't drive it very straight. But I've always been decent at grinding it out when par has been a good score. If you really set your mind to it and have the right attitude about it, it can be quite enjoyable. It's obviously hard work, but it's quite enjoyable when you feel like you're really, really struggling and you look at the leaderboard and everyone else is making bogeys and stuff.

We don't do it very often, and you're treading water making bogeys. Usually you're sinking pretty fast. A difference in the challenge out here. The greens here are so well designed, you've just got to play the hole backwards before you start. You've got to know if you're going to miss the tee shots you're going to miss the shots because they're narrow, extremely narrow. So if you're going to miss it, you've got to miss it on the correct side so you can run it up near the green to a spot where you're going to have a chance of getting it up and down.

On a good golf course you have to think backwards like that. Augusta National you have to think backwards. I like a golf course that makes you think that way. St. Andrews makes you do that.

I enjoy that aspect of golf, you know, just really plotting my way around there and thinking about it.

Q. You're going to be the first Australian since '95 to win a major.

GEOFF OGILVY: Yeah, it's pretty scary. I knew it would come, and the Australian press has been starting to ask the question, when is it going to happen. I honestly didn't think it would be me. I thought Scottie or Stuey or a few other guys in front of me. Adam has been up there, and the last few years we've had some top 4 or 5s in probably every major every year, Hensby and Pamps had a good Open, and the British Open, we've always had someone there.

The PGA, we always seem to have a guy there, so it was only a matter of time. I didn't think it was going to be me, but you never think it's going to be you. It's kind of bizarre.

End of FastScripts.

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