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June 16, 2006

Steve Stricker


Q. Nice job, Steve.


Q. You got a few back toward the end. What a nice shot on 9. Did that give you something to walk away with?

STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, it sure did. I was kind of kicking myself those last few holes. I had some opportunities in the middle of my back nine, which was the front, that I didn't take advantage of, either. And then making a couple bogeys at 7 and 8, and then hit another not so good 9 iron on No. 9. You know, I was walking to the green and pretty much kicking myself just for hitting it there again, and you walk off with a 3. It's tough to explain, but that's this game of golf, I guess.

Q. How tough is it going to be the rest of the day out there?

STEVE STRICKER: Well, I think it's playing pretty similar as yesterday. You may see you know, I think it's possible that someone could shoot a good score today just like David Howell had it going yesterday.

You know, it just never lets up, though, that's the thing. And I was getting it in the fairway today. I think I only missed a couple of fairways. You know, the tough part starts there. You're trying to get it on the green, and then once you get it on there, it's not so easy, either. There's just no letup out there and you've got to be grinding all the way around.

Q. Things didn't work out at Pinehurst. How good is it to be in this position going into the weekend?

STEVE STRICKER: It feels great. Obviously the halfway point is the key. We've still got a lot of golf to play, but I am in good position. You know, I need to work on a few things on the range, some of the things I didn't do so well coming in, but overall it was real good.

Q. Does the PGA Championship at Sahalee, can you draw upon that experience heading into the weekend?

STEVE STRICKER: Well, I can draw on it knowing that I did contend in a major. You know, I think back on that every once in a while. It's not something that I think about often, but especially when I get in a situation like this, I can reflect back at it and know that I can hang around and contend.

Q. Talk a little bit about the bunker shot on 9.

STEVE STRICKER: Well, truthfully I was just trying to make sure that I got it on the green because it was a tight pin there. It just came off perfect. You know, I caught it just perfect and it checked and rolled down to the right, and I don't think it was even going that fast. It was just a good shot, and again, I got fortunate to make a 3.

Q. Over the last two days you've made nine birdies. Usually at an Open when you see somebody contending at a difficult course, it's usually more par related. Can you talk about the varying score for you, the way you've done it.

STEVE STRICKER: That's normally my game. You know, I'm kind of up and down. I can go out and make a bunch of birdies and I can go out and make a bunch of bogeys, too. As long as I'm making birdies, I'm doing all right. If you're not making any birdies you're going to make some bogeys out here. On this type of course, you are going to make bogeys. I don't care who you are, you're going to struggle. If you hit it in the rough, you're going to be struggling to make a par.

Just to offset that, I've been making enough birdies, I guess, to do that.

Q. You started on the Canadian Tour. How much do you think that helped you?

STEVE STRICKER: The Canadian Tour? Well, I mean, it's a big part of how I got going. I spent four summers up there. Enjoyed it very much, my wife and I traveled across the country up there, enjoyed it very much. I learned the game, really, the traveling game more so than anything. I wouldn't trade that for anything. We had a great time up there.

Q. What happened with the iron going into 9?

STEVE STRICKER: I hit a couple loose ones coming in. I tried to hit a real hard 9 iron, and I just came over the top and pulled it and yanked it left. It was kind of a borderline club between an 8 and 9 and I decided to try to hit a hard 9, and I pulled it.

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