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June 16, 2006

Kenneth Ferrie


Q. Great, great round. I know you had some disappointment there on 13 and 14, but you can walk away and feel, hey, I'm tied at the U.S. Open. Do you feel good about it?

KENNETH FERRIE: Yeah, obviously I left a few holes out there on a couple of holes, but it ended up like I heard my caddie say walking down 16, level par for the day, 1 over for the golf tournament. Start of the tournament, everybody was predicting over par winning the tournament. Overall I'm sure I'll wake up tomorrow and be pleased, but I'll be a little bit peeved with myself. Just one of those things. It's the nature of golf, and I'm slowly working out the nature of a U.S. Open.

Q. This is one of the more difficult ones

KENNETH FERRIE: If you would have told me that before I came, I would have waited for another year.

Q. You managed to get to the weekend in real good form. Are you proud of the way that you've stuck it out?

KENNETH FERRIE: Yeah, I mean, coming here, this is my first U.S. Open, I had really no idea what to expect. I've heard horror stories of I think I said this yesterday, of Shinnecock and a couple other Bethpage, as well. I was a little unsure what to expect and what I was planning or what to expect for myself.

I'm a huge fan of this golf course. I think it's very, very good. It's set up very, very fair. If you play it well, there's a load of birdie chances out there. You miss a couple shots, as happened to me, two bad swings, I got up and made back to back doubles. I think I've done well for myself so far, and two more days we'll see what happens.

Q. Assess the round, how things were going emotionally for you and how things were going on the course.

KENNETH FERRIE: I felt good, got off to a great start. I nearly holed my second shot at the 2nd, hit it 6 feet at the 3rd. Didn't birdie the par 5. I got off to a great start, and that's kind of always what you're looking for on a tough golf course. The success, you want to get settled down and feel as though you're doing the right things.

I got off to the perfect start this morning. Like I said, the round went really well. In 13 holes, being really harsh on myself, I probably missed two shots, and when I say missed, just missed. Then two bad swings, two doubles.

Q. What's your mindset going into the weekend or plan of attack?

KENNETH FERRIE: I mean, I think attack and U.S. Open don't really go together. It's kind of you get what you get, and you've just got to go day to day. If you go out there and if I drive the ball well, which I usually do, if I drive the ball well for the next two days, then I should have plenty of opportunities. But golf day to day is such a different game. I could go out there and drive it terrible and it might be over before I even start. We'll just go out there tomorrow and do the things I've been doing the last two holes, and hopefully it will hold us in good stead.

Q. (Inaudible).

KENNETH FERRIE: Yeah, no doubt. Probably the only other one that would have come close would have been the K Club last year. I actually won the European Open at the K Club. I shot 3 under and there was only three people under par for the week. It was a similar sort of exam basically, hit fairways, hit greens and doing the right things. Miss the fairways and you're struggling. But this is the hardest.

Q. When you were 3 under how much did you look at the leaderboards and did you know where you stood?

KENNETH FERRIE: Yeah, I knew where I stood. I'm not one of these guys who will hide away. I was just saying in my last interview walking down one of the fairways, there was about 25,000 photographers come up, that's kind of a giveaway (laughter). If you're not a scoreboard watcher, you'd either be pleasantly surprised everybody wanted your photograph or you'd quickly realize you were doing pretty good.

End of FastScripts.

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