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June 26, 2006

Ben Curtis


TODD BUDNICK: One more night that you're going to have to sleep on a lead.

BEN CURTIS: This night will be easier than the other two nights.

TODD BUDNICK: Talk about the day today. You got through a few holes. You ended up on 17. You have a long par putt to go. Walk us through your day.

BEN CURTIS: It got off a little stressful. I hit it in the water last night, obviously. Everybody saw that. And then this morning I had a tough chip and I left it just on the front edge of the green and made a nice 2 putt from there.

I played solid. I hit a nice shot there on 16 to about four feet, made that for birdie. Pretty stress free.

TODD BUDNICK: Questions?

Q. You waited a long time for your second victory. I bet you never thought it would take five days to get it done.

BEN CURTIS: It's unreal. You wait three years, so I guess I can wait another day. Fine with me.

Q. Ben, when double bogeyed 12, what were you thinking? Because an 8 shot lead was all of a sudden five. While that's still comfortable, what was running through your mind?

BEN CURTIS: Not a whole lot. I just wanted to hit a few good shots and keep it in the fairway, hit the greens and see if I can make a few pars and maybe get lucky and make a birdie. And that's what I did. I wasn't really worried about what everybody else was doing, just tried to do what I needed to do. And if it was good enough to win, that's what I needed.

Q. Ben, last night you didn't want to go to sleep assuming that you had it won whatever. Basically, if you can stand up tomorrow, you're going to probably win. Just talk about what it means to your career to finally get this one behind you.

BEN CURTIS: It's going to be sweet, that's for sure. I've worked hard. It's been a long couple of years. It's been frustrating, but I kept my mind in it, kept focused. It feels good that the hard work has paid off. It feels really good.

Q. If this tournament had wrapped up Sunday evening, what would your plans have been for today and tomorrow?

BEN CURTIS: Probably rest.

Q. Go home to Ohio?

BEN CURTIS: We were going to go home, but I'm playing next week, so it's going to be just a short break between tournaments. Obviously after a big win you want to just try to get rest and get ready for next week. Probably nothing different than any other week in between tournaments?

Q. Have you ever seen anything like this?

BEN CURTIS: I have not, no. I've never seen it rain so hard I mean, three inches in three hours. That's insane. On 18 there was a lake in the middle of the green. It's kind of comical a way. I saw 10, 11, and 12, all the debris. It just shows you how powerful the weather is, that we could even play.

TODD BUDNICK: Thank you, Ben.

End of FastScripts.

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