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June 25, 2006

Dennis Ingram


COURSE SUPERINTENDENT DENNIS INGRAM: (No microphone) ...inch and a half of rain totally disrupts the bunkers, a lot of standing water, a lot of debris. And for those of you who live in the area, this is the first heavy rain we've had since last fall. So all of the leaves from last fall, all of the debris, got washed down all over the golf course this afternoon and morning.

Q. What was the hardest thing about getting the golf course in shape for play today?

COURSE SUPERINTENDENT DENNIS INGRAM: Basically telling my staff they had to go out and work first before they could get fed.

Q. I'm curious. You only had a total of fifty men to work with?

COURSE SUPERINTENDENT DENNIS INGRAM: That's all we had today. Now, you've got to understand that two of the clubs in the area, it's their weekend for member/guest. Other clubs are trying to play golf this morning. They knew what the weather was. They had obligations at their own clubs. So we used what we had.

Q. Were you able to get the water out of most of the bunkers?

COURSE SUPERINTENDENT DENNIS INGRAM: With the exception of two bunkers. Under the Rules of Golf, you can play as long as there is a place to drop so that the ball does not end up in the water.

Q. (No microphone.)

COURSE SUPERINTENDENT DENNIS INGRAM: No, this is nothing. Two tournaments ago they kept showing the player walk bridge from 10 green to 11 tee getting washed down the stream. The bridge didn't wash too bad this year.

Q. Was there one particular trouble spot that stood out?

COURSE SUPERINTENDENT DENNIS INGRAM: Probably hole No. 4 and 5. We get a lot of runoff water from the Avenel development. Bunkers on 5 wash bad just because of their design. And then 4 and 5 green had a lot of silt and debris on it that we had to remove.

Q. Was the delay until 1:00 because you had so much work to do or was it mostly because of the rain?

COURSE SUPERINTENDENT DENNIS INGRAM: Basically because of the rain. As soon as there was no eminent danger of lightening any everything to anybody out on the golf course, we went back out about 12 10 minutes after 12. And play actually started on 1 and 10 tees. And we still had three to four holes left to repair on both sides at that point.

Q. Just out of curiosity, do you have any general thoughts on weather changing on Tour, has it been rougher the last couple of couple of years? Everybody in every part of the country is talking about whether the weather is changing.

COURSE SUPERINTENDENT DENNIS INGRAM: I'm not a weatherman. All parts of the world are dealing with different weather, whether it's heat, drought or heavy rains.

End of FastScripts.

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