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June 23, 2006

Brett Quigley


THE MODERATOR: Welcome, Brett. Thanks for coming in for a couple minutes. So a 63 today. You've played a lot of golf recently, and a lot of good golf. Anything click today that made you go this low? Anything different?

BRETT QUIGLEY: The greens are so good. The greens are perfect. They're running perfect speed. There's so much grass on them, and you just feel like if you can get on the greens to make a putt. Certainly hit it close in the beginning and then got off to a pretty good start.


Q. When you see the scores up on the board, when you started I think Jose was 14 under


Q. And you're a long long way back. Does that make you know what you have to or

BRETT QUIGLEY: Absolutely. It kind of got me motivated. I knew I had to play a great round today to get back into it and not let him run away. This weekend who knows, but I knew that I needed to play a great round and I got off to a good start.

But, yeah, it motivated me for sure to see him 14 under. I think he got 15 under when I was I don't know if he ever did or not.

Q. Now, as a player, you're really aware of, you know, it weather forecasts and things like that. First of all, do you pay attention, and do you know what the weather forecast looks like this weekend?

BRETT QUIGLEY: Yes and no. When we left the locker room this morning and they said it was a 90% chance of rain today I didn't think we would get to the third tee. I couldn't believe we played the whole day, for sure.

But, no, I mean I tried to make as many birdies as I can, and hopefully we'll see what the next two and three days have for us.

Q. Why is this course playing I don't want say easy obviously it is optimum scoring conditions. What is it about this week?

RETT QUIGLEY: I think guys coming off the U.S. Open. I mean, at the U.S. Open a guy wins a tournament at five over par. And to be honest, the greens were terrible. It's one thing to rough in the fairways with the fairways being that small and the rough being that deep.

But when we get good greens, it's like putting out of the rough last week like putting on a marble tile. Perfect. The greens are that good. So for guys like me, it's just free it up and let it go and you feel like you can finally make some putts.

Q. Is this the best round you've played of golf in quite sometime?

BRETT QUIGLEY: No, not even close. I think I played better on Tuesday at the CVS. I think I made seven birdies and an eagle. Which is a pretty good round there.

But I've been playing well, and it's just been kind of a continuation for me. And just to have I'm happy the way it's going.

Q. (Inaudible.)

BRETT QUIGLEY: Canoebrook (ph), I played great there. Played great at Westchester, 63 at Westchester. You know, it's funny. I just when I am playing well I make a bunch of birdies and bogeys, and I don't really get too scared of shooting those course. I think I tried a little hard in the middle there to catch Jose, and I didn't get missed some pretty makable putts, 10, footers. But no, it's just been a lot of birdies.

Q. I know we still have two rounds to go, but what's it going to take to win? I mean, is it feasible is someone gets to

BRETT QUIGLEY: With the rain, yes. With the greens softening up, definitely. It's too bad, because the golf course is in perfect shape. It was firm on Wednesday. Would been about ten to 12 under for the week. But when it's good soft conditions on the greens we're going to shoot low scores, and that's the bottom line.

Q. Was there a point where it turned? And was there a point you think back of when this run started?

BRETT QUIGLEY: Specifically, yeah. I mean, for me it was Hilton Head. I kind of struggled all year, and Hilton Head was a great that was definitely the turning point for me.

Q. Anything you changed up?

BRETT QUIGLEY: No. Momentum. I think I played every week but one since Hilton Head. I've played a lot since then.

Q. (Inaudible.)

BRETT QUIGLEY: Yes and no. I mean, I went and had an MRI yesterday. I have an issue with my left knee. Thought about withdrawing yesterday, and after seeing the MRI I was thinking I'm not going to damage it anymore. I'm going play this weekend and I'm going to I just withdrew this morning from Hartford. I'm going to skip Hartford and see how it goes from there.

Q. (Inaudible.)

BRETT QUIGLEY: It's some scar tissue in there. It's not a tear in the meniscus, which is good. But it's just that eight weeks is too much.

Q. (Inaudible.)

BRETT QUIGLEY: This is eight in a row.

Q. (Inaudible.)

BRETT QUIGLEY: You know, I don't try to be like my uncle, but I'm turning into him. I guess he's been taking some time off. I guess turnaround is fair play.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Brett.


End of FastScripts.

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