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June 23, 2006

Ben Curtis


THE MODERATOR: Welcome Ben Curtis back to the media center again. Following a 62 with a 65 today. Take us through your round.

BEN CURTIS: Well, it was obviously a good finish to the day. Got off to a little shaky start and didn't feel reel real with the swing at the beginning. Just hit a few shots to the right, but kept my composure. Hit one out of bounds on 13, but hit a nice bogey.

And then after that just got the putter rolling. That was the difference hit a couple close shots, but that kept the putter going.


Q. You see Jose up there I don't know how much scoreboard watching you do but he puts a 14 up there. Does that make you want to be more aggressive to try to match or keep pace with him going into the weekend?

BEN CURTIS: Well, obviously when he shoots two numbers, gets a 14 under after two days, you know that he's going to play well on the weekend. So you obviously want to try to stay as close as you can. Obviously I would have taken anything pretty much under par today after yesterday's round.

But after the shaky round I got calmed down a bit, got the putter going, and that's the reason why I'm sitting here.

Q. Can you just talk about that finish. It was a great shot you had on 6. Nearly making an eagle there, and then you (inaudible)

BEN CURTIS: Yeah. You know, No. 6 is one of those holes you try to hit as far left as you can off the tee. Had a good number. It wasn't anything where I have to worry about leaving it short in the water or anything.

So it was nice and comfortable, and I just basically try to hit it high and to the far right as you could. Obviously not too far right, but just try to get it up in the air and hit it off to the right.

I had like 221 to the hole. Just hit a two iron. Tried a (Inaudible) shot a few times this week. I hot it there in the practice round, and then yesterday obviously as well. And, you know, I did the same thing on Thursday. Two big cuts towards the green and just very comfortable with the shot.

Q. (Inaudible.)

BEN CURTIS: Yeah. You know, up and down on seven was nice to chip it up there, you know, obviously on the face of the hill there. Those are always really difficult, and you always seem it leave them short. I usually chip that with a 60, so I went down to the gap wedge, and it was an relatively easy bunker shot and had a good lie.

Q. Anybody take note of the visor and the Red Skin logo? Did you hear stuff out there?

BEN CURTIS: You heard a few things today. They're a pretty quiet crowd. They're not like New Yorkers voicing their opinions. You know, they only have one team here, too. But that was it fun, all Fred's family and friends were out and they, and they were obviously Red Skins fans as well.

Q. Did you hear anything

BEN CURTIS: You know, I didn't really hear anything. I don't know if I hear anything or they didn't say anything. They didn't say a whole lot.

Q. I assume the Red Skins' gear is more comfortable than the Ravens' gear from yesterday.

BEN CURTIS: Yeah. Especially I heard a few comments yesterday, "Where's the Red Skins," and all that. And it's easier to wear for me as well.

Q. So what are you wearing for the weekend?

BEN CURTIS: I'm going to wear the Red Skins all weekend.

Q. Same? White or do you have

BEN CURTIS: I think different colors.

Q. Similar scoring yesterday and today. How differently did the course play to the two days?

BEN CURTIS: Today was much softer obviously with the overnight rain. The course played a little bit longer, but the play Friday was probably a little bit easier because the greens were softer.

But, you know, when you're hitting a wedge in there it's tougher because it was tough to get it close because of where the pin was located if the back of the green.

But overall the greens were not as fast as yesterday. A little slower, but still in great shape. You hit it on line and the ball's going to go in.

Q. A lot of low numbers already on the leaderboard. 15 under going into the weekend. Do you have a number in your mind now that you're shooting for?

BEN CURTIS: No. I mean obviously depends on the weather and the conditions of the course and how everyone else is playing. For me I just like to go out and play well and see what can happen.

Q. How hard is it to continue just not thinking about what's at stake and just keep playing the way you are the closer you get to Sunday?

BEN CURTIS: Well, I think it's just easier now than it would be if you were you know, if this was Sunday afternoon getting ready to go too tee it up. But you still know there's a lot of golf to be played.

With two rounds to go it doesn't mean you have the trophy in your hand yet. You can't think about that. Obviously winning the British and, you know, I had a couple chances last year. Just try to to take those experiences into the weekend weekend and try to handle it the best as I can.

Q. (Inaudible.) Try to beat the weather. Does it make it easier when you get to go out and play and not sit around all day and think about it?

BEN CURTIS: Obviously. You know, when you don't play until 2:00 in the afternoon, you're up at 7:00 or whatever in the morning, you have all the time in the world to think about it.

So it's better to just get up and go through your normal routine and not have to really think about it. Obviously that will help and make it easier.

Q. Have you ever played with Jose before? And if so, it is it sort of annoying to apply with a guy hit it that short?

BEN CURTIS: Well, you know, I don't know if I've ever played with him. Obviously he's a great player and he's been out here a long time. Looking forward to it. Should be a fun time.

THE MODERATOR: More questions? Thank, Ben.

End of FastScripts.

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