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June 1, 2006

Brett Wetterich


TODD BUDNICK: We thank Brett Wetterich for stopping in after a 3 under, 69 the first round of the 2006 Memorial Tournament.

Brett, a winner at the Byron Nelson Championship, your first win on Tour. A continuation of that good play this week?

BRETT WETTERICH: I sure hope so. I hit a lot of fairways today, which I thought was key. And I stayed away from the big numbers. So if I can just keep doing that, hopefully things will go well for me.

Q. How many bunkers were you in?


Q. That was key, too.


TODD BUDNICK: This is your second appearance here, you played back in 2002, missed the cut. Talk about the this is Jack's place. It's a very special place for a lot of players. I know you grew up in Cincinnati, grew up there, is there a special meaning for this tournament.

BRETT WETTERICH: It's nice to be here, to be able to play in Mr. Nicklaus's tournament. I think it's an honor to be here. It's nice to be close to home. I haven't really come up this way much as a kid or anything. But it's nice to play close to home, all my family and friends are up here and just be nice to play well for them.

Q. What was the one bunker you were in? And what kind of lie did you have?

BRETT WETTERICH: I was in 14. I flew it a little long and it kind of plugged in the lip. So I just took my pitch out to the left of the green and ended up chipping it in. It worked out for me.

Q. Were you worried when that ball started to run across the green

BRETT WETTERICH: No, I was aiming way left of the water. I knew it wasn't going to go in there. If it did, I shanked it.

Q. How has life changed for you since the Nelson?

BRETT WETTERICH: You know, I haven't really caught a lot of that yet. It's been a lot of congratulations and things like that, and talking to a lot of people. But I really haven't been overwhelmed with a bunch of things to do, or asked to do.

Q. Anything we can do to change that?

Something as simple as a 9:10 tee time as opposed to late in the afternoon, does that help you?

BRETT WETTERICH: No, that's definitely nice. The tee time is definitely a big benefit, I think. I'm coming from before I won from last every week, to right in the middle, where you've got a decent tee time. That's nice.

TODD BUDNICK: In the perspective of how you play the game now, it's just one or two after your win, but you have an exemption now.

BRETT WETTERICH: I'm not going to play any different. I'm going to have to mind my Ps and Qs a little bit. I'm going to play golf the same.

Q. Where are you doing your qualifying Monday?


Q. Did you realize you got into the British?

BRETT WETTERICH: No. I called yesterday and they said I was not in.

Q. In the British?


Q. You're among the top 3 from the top 20 in the money list?

BRETT WETTERICH: There was some kind of deal in there where I guess Rory and Rod Pampling, the top 50 on the money list or the top 50 in the World Rankings, that ends after this week. So they have to take the first thing they get into, and that's the money list. As far as I know, I'm not in.

Q. That's news to me.

BRETT WETTERICH: If you know something I don't know, I sure would like to know your source (laughter).

TODD BUDNICK: Your birdies, No. 6.

BRETT WETTERICH: I hit 5 wood off the tee and I hit 7 iron in there and made a pretty nice left to right putt, a little bit downhill, 20 feet.

TODD BUDNICK: Your bogey on 12, par 3.

BRETT WETTERICH: Bogey on 12. I know I missed the green. Missed green just over, I hit a bad chip and the green runs away from you there, and I missed my putt for par there.


BRETT WETTERICH: 13, I hit 5 wood off the tee and hit 8 iron in there to about maybe 12 feet or so, a little left to right and made that one.

Par 5, I hit it on two, 3 wood, 5 wood and I hit a pretty bad first putt and ended up having to make a good 20 footer coming up the hill, birdie there.

And then on 17, I hit 5 wood off the tee, a little 7 iron into the green and made a good putt there from about 20 feet or so, 25 feet, maybe.

Q. After the way the course played in the practice rounds and then to get the rain overnight, did that give you maybe today a little less concern over what the ball was going to do after it landed or free you up a little bit or not?

BRETT WETTERICH: I never really thought about that, to be honest with you.

Q. Did it play much different?

BRETT WETTERICH: I think the greens played a little softer. The fairways, I think they played relatively close to the same as they were.

Q. If you needed to make a 20 footer coming back on 15, how long was the first one?

BRETT WETTERICH: Good question. Maybe 30.

TODD BUDNICK: You ran it by.

BRETT WETTERICH: I ran it by. I hit it a little too hard and caught a slope and just kind of rolled.

TODD BUDNICK: Thank you, Brett.

End of FastScripts.

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