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January 22, 1999

John Daly


DAVE SENKO: 6-under 66 today. Maybe just real quick how things went for you today.

JOHN DALY: Well, started off a little sluggish, managed the short game, got me through my front 9. Made a good birdie putt on 18 which is my 9th hole, about 20 feet for birdie. Then I just kind of got the ball rolling there. Started hitting it on the back 9; made an unfortunate bogey on 1; came back, birdied 2 and eagled 5. Birdied 7. Birdied 8 and kind of missed a 7-footer there on the last hole. But it is one of those rounds, just played very smart; just hung in there.

Q. You mentioned you feel pretty good about the way things went today. You feeling pretty confident going into the weekend now?

JOHN DALY: Sort of. I haven't really had a lot of success. Hopefully my confidence will carry me through it. Just want to the get off to a decent start tomorrow.

Q. How hard was it to put together five solid rounds?

JOHN DALY: It is not easiest thing in the world.

When you are playing good, you kind of want to keep playing anyway. So five rounds would be great to play really well. I think it is all confidence and it is just getting the putter going.

Q. Is there any part of you that feels like you are due to win a Tour event or are you just sort of taking a wait-and-see approach?

JOHN DALY: I think I am due. But you can't -- all I can do is go out and do the best I can. As long as I am happy with the way I played and give it 100% every round, that is -- like I said, yesterday that is my goal is just to try and play smart and hang in there and don't let some of the bad holes I have had catch up and make the next hole bad. But in my own mind, I feel I am due. I really feel that if I keep working this way, I am hoping to this year. If not, I want to be able to say this year that I have tried on every shot and done the best I can. That is the biggest goal I have this year.

Q. You had quite a streak without a bogey. You just kind of just blew that one off after it happened?

JOHN DALY: Yeah, came back, little L-wedge in there; made a good putt and got the ball rolling again. I did it in Hawaii. I made the 7, played the last three 1-under on Friday and I did it a lot last year. The last two years has shown me that, hey, you just hang in there and, you know, one bad hole is not going to end the tournament. That is the way I used to think. And try to get too much out of it now. Try to play a little smarter and hopefully, you know, don't do anything stupid on the next one.

Q. Fred Funk really has been playing well the first week; then last week as well. Now he is playing good this week. What is it about him? He doesn't hit the ball really far but what do you think about his game?

JOHN DALY: He hits it far enough and he hits it very straight and he is a super, super iron player and he has got a great short game. So you put that combination together, that is why he is so consistent year in, year out.

Q. John, you keep talking about playing smart golf. Does that mean you are leaving the driver in the bag more than in the past quite a bit more?

JOHN DALY: Yeah, an awful lot more. Only hit driver -- I think I only hit it on the par 5s. That was only driver out here today.

Q. You are playing good golf this week. Are you having fun here in the desert?

JOHN DALY: I always do. It is the greatest place in the world to get your game ready for the Tour. I mean, I have a place here at Mission Hills and it is just awesome to come here when the season is over and, you know the weather is going to be about 70 degrees every day just go out and hit balls. It is just very, very peaceful here.

DAVE SENKO: John, thank you.

JOHN DALY: Thanks guys.

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