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July 1, 2006

Pat Hurst


Q. Nice playing.

PAT HURST: Thank you.

Q. Do you think you learned something from the LPGA Championship where you kind of stumbled at the end, and does it give you new determination, or did you learn anything from it?

PAT HURST: I don't know if I learned anything from it. I played well there. I can't complain. You know, I think every time you go out, you do learn something.

I'm just going to go out and play as steady as I can and try not to make many mistakes out there and make a lot of birdies hopefully.

Q. 2 under seems like 20 under. What was it that enabled you to shoot that score?

PAT HURST: It seemed like when I hit it in the rough I was able to advance it on the greens or close to the greens, and I think that definitely helped me out a lot. If you were back further I think it would be hard. I was hitting the back side, 11 and 12, I hit it in the rough, and I was hitting wedges out, which makes it a lot easier than hitting in the rough on some of these other holes where they're long and you have to hit 4 or 5 iron out and you can't get it to the green. I was able to miss it on the right holes.

Q. Do you think the course was receptive to most scores, especially seeing what Annika posted in the morning when the wind picked up? Do you still feel the course was receptive to low scores when the wind picked up?

PAT HURST: I think as the days are going on I think it's going to be getting tougher because it's getting firmer which is going to make it tougher with the water out there. Yesterday it made it a lot easier because you can miss it a little more and it's not going to roll into the rough. You can hit it onto the greens and you know it's going to bite, but now it's getting firmer and it makes it harder.

Q. The puddle on 13, was that the only place for you to drop? It seemed like you had to go back a little bit.

PAT HURST: Yeah, that was my nearest point, so I had to do the nearest point.

Q. Was your ball in the water? It looked like it was sort of on the edge of it?

PAT HURST: It was on the edge of it. If I hit it, I was going to hit the water.

End of FastScripts.

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