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June 3, 2006

Laura Diaz


PAUL ROVNAK: Laura, another great day out there. You're at 8 under par right now. I think two back off the lead of Ai Miyazato. Just talk about your day and we'll take some questions.

LAURA DIAZ: A pretty steady day. I hit a lot of good shots out there, but I had a couple of misreads on some putts. I had probably three putts less than 12 feet that I misread. So that was a little bit of a disappointment. And then the rain on our 18th hole was a little bit of a disappointment. But overall, a pretty good day and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

PAUL ROVNAK: We'll go ahead and take questions.

Q. Laura, just talk about the delay on 18 and how bad is that to have only two or three more shots and stop for 52 minutes.

LAURA DIAZ: I don't know if it's bad or good. I think it's probably better that I only had two or three more shots versus 18 more holes to play. It's unfortunate, but I think it was a little too close to call, in my opinion, because there was thunder on our 18th tee box. And I went ahead and hit anyways. There's nothing we can do about weather.

I think they did a good job getting the course ready for us to play very quickly. Because when we were coming in off the rain delay, everything was under water. So a pretty quick turn around and hopefully the girls will get finished today.

Q. Talk about the differences in course conditions today and just the weather in general.

LAURA DIAZ: The greens held a little more today than they did yesterday. It's a little soggier out there, but the course is still playing really, really good. You know, it was a little cooler at times, so maybe not as loose as I was yesterday with the humid day yesterday. Overall the course isn't playing that much different, but the greens are a little more receptive.

Q. I heard you cough a few times on the course. Are you ill?

LAURA DIAZ: I am ill, very ill. My son has a cold and I think from taking care of him I have picked it up. My husband and I both don't feel great. I'm sorry you had to hear me cough.

Q. How old is he?

LAURA DIAZ: Four and a half months.

Q. Do you think, did the weather today, could that sort of put you even more behind the eight ball for tomorrow?

LAURA DIAZ: I don't think so. Hopefully I'll just get a better night sleep. I didn't sleep very well last night. I seemed to be a little more congested last night than I was the night before. I'm done early enough that I can rest this afternoon and hopefully have a lot of energy to come out tomorrow.

Q. It was a bit of a dual. You were playing alongside Lee and Sorenstam and it seemed you were going back and forth, all at each other trading the lead off. Does that spur you with who you were playing with and how they were playing, have an impact on how well you did?

LAURA DIAZ: I think that it's helpful to play with someone or multiple people who are playing well, but I don't look at it like I'm out there playing either one of those people. I'm there playing the golf course and trying to make the best scores I can. I don't think that it is mentally good to be out there and try to play the other player.

There's 144 girls in this tournament, and any one of them can shoot 59 or lower at any given time. It's helpful because I think it encourages you to try to go after more putts and get it close and be aggressive, but it's not a dual, in my opinion.

Q. Were you encouraged with Annika Sorenstam had consecutive bogeys on the front nine?

LAURA DIAZ: Was I encouraged? No. One, I think Annika Sorenstam is a great player and I wouldn't wish bogeys on anybody. I want to win a golf tournament because I'm playing the best not because someone else misses a putt. I think that's just not good sportsmanship. And I don't think any want is to win a golf tournament like that.

Q. A lot of people aren't familiar with Ai Miyazato's game. You played her in match play last year. What can you tell us about her?

LAURA DIAZ: When I drew her last year at the match play, you could say I was deflated, to say the least. I thought that I would have not as difficult a draw last year. And I would have to say I got probably one of the toughest draws I could have gotten. She played great. The first three holes I think she knocked it three foot, birdie, birdie, birdie.

She is a great player and obviously you're seeing her play great this week. I think you'll see great things from her in the future and probably tomorrow, especially.

PAUL ROVNAK: I did get her scorecard so we'll have that.

End of FastScripts.

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