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June 2, 2006

Laura Diaz


PAUL ROVNAK: Laura, a terrific round today. One shot off par. Six under par. A number of birdies. Looks like a lot of things are going your way. Let's talk about your day and we'll take some questions.

LAURA DIAZ: Okay. I made a lot of long putts today. I would say that's probably the best part of my game. And I was able to reach or get very close to the Par 5, allowing me to have a short chip from short of the green or be on in two putts, so that helped me out. And just felt like I hit it pretty good today overall. Want me to go over the score card first?

PAUL ROVNAK: Sure, we'll do the scorecard first.

LAURA DIAZ: 2nd hole, I had 165 yards to the green. I was in the left rough, and I didn't even hit it on the green. I just hit it just right of the green, and I made probably, I'd have to say a 40 footer.

PAUL ROVNAK: Did you put or

LAURA DIAZ: I putted, and it hit the pin and went down in the hole.

On the 3rd hole, I had 225 to the front. I hit my rescue club to about pin high, left. And then I two putted for birdie.

PAUL ROVNAK: Do you know how far that first putt was by chance?

LAURA DIAZ: Well, the pin was on the right side of the green and I was on the opposite left side of the green, so the whole length of the green. I don't know, maybe about 40 feet again.

PAUL ROVNAK: Okay. And the birdie putt was just...

LAURA DIAZ: Birdie putt was six feet.


LAURA DIAZ: I had 126 yards on 6, and I hit my pitching wedge. Did I hit pitching wedge there? I hit pitching wedge to I have no idea. Oh, I hit it in the bunker. Pulled it into the bunker and I holed it out of the bunker.

And then on 9, I was just short of the green in two. I had 230 to the green or to the pin and I left it about, I don't know, five, ten feet short. And I chipped it up to about a foot.

Then I bogeyed 10. I pulled it left into the trees. And I hit what I thought was a pretty good shot over the trees, but it went a little too far into the back bunker and then I had no green to work with, and I didn't get nothing back.

On 12, I had 110 yards to the pin. I hit a 50 degree wedge to about nine feet.

On 15, I hit 7 iron, probably about 25, 30 feet.

On 18, I had 247 yards to the pin. I hit 3 wood, just on, and had 60 footer for eagle and left it about nine, ten feet short, and then I made my second putt.

PAUL ROVNAK: Mike, go ahead.

Q. The second hole is one of the toughest on the course. How big was that 40 foot birdie putt there, as far as getting your round started?

LAURA DIAZ: It was exciting for me, but you'd never know it, because there was nobody making any noise. I think the gallery has to stay back a little. They can't really go into the right by the green. It seems like they're back a little.

We didn't have that many people out there at that time. My strength coach is here, but he made no noise. So it was actually very upsetting.

But my husband is caddying for me, so we were pretty excited together. We enjoyed it.

Q. (Inaudible.)

LAURA DIAZ: No. He is driving his family up from Amelia to his new place in Westchester.

Q. Can you tell us a little more about that bunker shot. Describe that for us.

LAURA DIAZ: Yeah. I had about 15 feet of green to work with. I was just short of pin high. I think it would have been the right club had it landed on the green to get next to the pin with my initial shot, my approach shot.

I walked into the bunker and I said, "Let's make this." And it hit about five feet on and then it just circled.

Q. How does this round rate with the rounds you've had since you've come back after having the baby, and do you feel things are click into place for you now?

LAURA DIAZ: I do. I feel things are getting better. I feel more comfortable out there than I did. My strength is up tremendously from the beginning of the year, and that's because there's this little man in the back who's helping me work out and get stronger again.

Last week was a pretty big week for me. Disappointing in the end, but I think that I'm right there and I'm ready to win again. I'm looking forward to winning again

Q. When was your child born?

LAURA DIAZ: January 16th. So he's about little more than four and a half months old.

Q. Do you notice every week that things are getting better and better for you?

LAURA DIAZ: I do. I think that having my family out here is so new to me. My husband's been out quite a bit over my eight years out here, but the two of us working together and having our little boy out, it's a balancing routine that we're trying to figure out.

Every week we get more adjusted, and every day I get a little more comfortable out on the golf course. I'm really just out there trying to have fun and enjoy what I'm doing. I think after having Cooper, golf has a different place in my life, and I think it's a good place. It's where golf should be in my life. I think it used to be a little too important to me, and now I know the most important thing in my life is my son.

And it's pretty cool, because no matter what I shoot, good or bad, when I come home he still is there to give me a nice, wet slobbery kiss.

Q. Is he working on his grip at all?

LAURA DIAZ: His grip is so strong. However, there's a little debate in our family whether or not that's going to be a golf grip or a baseball grip. So we'll see.

PAUL ROVNAK: You guys have anymore questions? Thanks.

LAURA DIAZ: Thanks, guys.

End of FastScripts.

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