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March 21, 2004

John Daly


Q. Are you pleased with how you've been playing heading into THE PLAYERS?

JOHN DALY: I've had some good round at THE PLAYERS and I've had some awful rounds. My long irons I'm hitting well, so doesn't worry me as much. You hit a lot of long irons into the holes and I've got to have -- a lot of 3-woods on that course.

Q. Inaudible?

JOHN DALY: I didn't mind making the bogey on 17. 18, what do you do? It's a very difficult hole.

Q. Inaudible?

JOHN DALY: Two years ago, did I the same thing on 18, made a double and it cost me a little bit. I just love the way I'm playing. Love the way I'm hitting the ball, chipping, putting and everything and hopefully have some confidence.

Q. Nobody has ever shut their hand in a door before; are you surprised you're able to play this week, was there any question you would be able to?

JOHN DALY: No, I was okay. Honda, there would have been no way. Just up into the VH-1 and the practice round here when I hit my first swing, it was still bleeding so at least it's drying up. It's good now.

Q. What was the concert?

JOHN DALY: It was a VH-1 tournament. They have it every year. We used to do it at Doral and now we do it over at the Trump. It's a blast. This was a Kid Rock concert.

Q. Inaudible?

JOHN DALY: I didn't even think I hit it that far on 18 but I guess I did. When you hit it in the right rough over there, I saw Brian Gay earlier, I thought he had a perfect lie and I didn't get so lucky. But could have went in the water, actually got a good break and a bad break at the same time. Trying to get on the front of that green on my second shot and squirted right. What can you do?

Q. Up through 15, it looked like you were playing as well as you've been playing in a long time.

JOHN DALY: The back nine played tough because there's a lot -- six of those nine holes, you can hit good shots and I had a lot of 30-footers, and that's about all you could have had, especially holes like 13; that was on the slope. If it landed on the green, you're going to have a 20-foot -- couldn't hit it close.

Q. And the drive at 15?

JOHN DALY: Every time I've ever played, I've played that hole so many times, if you're left of that big pole there, you're usually okay. It was a little windy. I didn't think it would be out-of-bounds. I don't know if it hit somebody or hit something. It was weird because it ended up way right of where I hit it.

Q. What's your take on Chad?

JOHN DALY: Well, it's unbelievable. Chad, he gets it going just like any of us do, get it going and you get comfortable and start making some 20- or 30-footers, that puts a lot of pressure -- he didn't really have any pressure going into today. Just had to go out -- he's probably playing a little more aggressive than Stuart was.

Q. Inaudible?

JOHN DALY: I was trying to basically get on the front part of the green in the left side of the right bunker. I would have taken bogey, and I know I would have finished probably around seventh or something. Would have been a lot better. But, you know, I did the best I could. One of these years I'm going to finish strong on this golf course.

Q. What would Augusta mean to you?

JOHN DALY: Well, I feel like I've played well enough. I think there are a lot of guys that won tournaments like last year after Augusta that should be in it. I've always believed, if you win a tournament out here, you should be playing there, at least Augusta and U.S. Open. But they have rules and I've just got to hopefully have enough money on the Money List to keep it going. I know next week is a good purse, and got some good points this week, too. Still counting the Ryder Cup points. At least I've got a few of those. I've got a lot of goals. Not going to let one shot, not even that bad of a shot ruin the year. It's been a great year so far.

Q. Is this week a positive?

JOHN DALY: There's not too many guys that have five double-bogeys and a triple that still finish in the Top-10. I'm setting records everywhere, buddy. (Laughter). At least I know I'm making a lot of birdies and I'm doing good on the bounce back. Something that I haven't done in the past and this course is going to make me -- some of the good shots didn't turn out bad. I'm probably not the only one that made a few doubles and triples this week. I came back strong every time I had a bad hole.

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