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July 8, 2006

Paula Creamer


DANA GROSS RHODE: Thank you for coming in, Paula, 3 & 2 over Hall of Famer, Karrie Webb. You want to go over that.

PAULA CREAMER: I played really good. I got off to a good start. I hit a lot of really good iron shots and I made the putt every once in awhile. I just tried to get some momentum out there. It's a pretty long day and I'm a little tired, been a long week. You know, considering last week as well, with the major, and it's just emotionally, it's tiring. Going into tomorrow obviously I'll be playing Juli, so it will be good. It will be a good match.

Q. Can you tell us about your contrast in opponents, this morning one of the younger players and later on, Karrie, how was it playing with those two different personalities?

PAULA CREAMER: Oh, it was totally night and day, different match that we had. You know, in the afternoon it was very relaxed and in the morning it was very intense, very, you know, putt everything out type of match. And that's just the difference.

You know, either way, obviously, it worked both ways for me. It's just a mind set. When you're in a competitive match, they are both very competitive I guess you could say the emotions that you could sense from each other.

Q. What were your thoughts when she made the great save?

PAULA CREAMER: That was awesome. There I am thinking this is going good and the next minute this ball is comes out, lands softly and rolls. That's the thing about match play, you never know. That was an amazing golf shot. I told her afterwards that was a heck of a birdie from there.

Q. How was the heat affecting you at the end, it seemed like both of you were running out of gas?

PAULA CREAMER: Like I said, it's been a long day. I've had a lot of matches, same as Karrie. We've been going through the same thing, it's a long week, it's hot out there. I must have drank ten bottles of water in my second 18 just trying to keep the stamina up for tomorrow.

You know, like I said, I got tired on the last hole. I did get a little tired. I knew that and I was trying to jump up and down to create some energy out there. But it was a long day, it was, it's hot. I'm glad I'm done.

Q. How excited are you right now, and I know it just happened but Michelle is out, Annika is out, this field is wide open. You and Lorena are the top seeded players left. Anybody could win this. How excited are you right now looking at the semis?

PAULA CREAMER: It's just I have to take it one match at a time. Juli is obviously playing very well. She had a good match with Annika and I know I'm playing pretty good at the same time. So it's a battle of who makes more putts and who hits it closer. I'm pleased with how far I've gotten. Last year I lost the second round to Karrie and coming into today, I'll be in the semis tomorrow. That's all I can ask for. It's good.

Q. You had your wrist taped on the second hole, what's that about and will it affect you for tomorrow?

PAULA CREAMER: I've had my wrist taped for five tournaments, since ShopRite. I have had it re taped. It was too tight. I lost feeling in my three fingers over here and it was kind of hard to feel anything. It was just too tight, so I had Al, our physio trainer, come out and retain it for me.

Q. Is that an injury?

PAULA CREAMER: I strained a ligament in my wrist.

Q. When are you going to take some time off with that wrist; next week?

PAULA CREAMER: Well, I'm supposed to be playing next week. That is the plan as of now and then we have a week off. You know, depending on what happens, I might reevaluate that. But it needs rest and that's the one thing it needs.

You know, I've always I can't take any time off right now because of the big events and everything. You have to play. I have to play in the U.S. Open. I have to play in this event. There's just certain tournaments I need to get into.

I want to stay competitive. It's very hard for me to go home while watching everybody else play golf. That's what I want to be doing. I have to look at it for the long run and the best thing for it is rest and hopefully, like I said, I'll reevaluate everything after tomorrow.

Q. The match against Juli, she was a star on the Tour when you were just starting out. Is there an intimidation factor? How do you deal with the fact with someone who is, I don't want to say a legend, but big on this tour?

PAULA CREAMER: Juli has always been my role model and someone I have a lot of respect for. When I watched LPGA golf and things like that, I wanted to be a professional golfer, I always looked up to her.

Going out tomorrow, it's just one of those things, I'm playing Juli Inkster, but, you know, just have to go out there and think mentally that I'm playing just anybody out there. Just like Karrie, I have so much respect for her. She's done so much for women's golf. It's very nice to be able to go out and have that match and know afterwards that everything's fine and we both have it's going to be next week and we're playing together again.

Q. You and Brittany came up through the junior ranks together. I know after she defeated Michelle, your dad went over and congratulated her dad. Is there a certain amount of pride between the girls that came up that way at the same time?

PAULA CREAMER: Well, everybody has pride. I don't think it matters really which way you go. That's worked for both of us. Junior golf, winning in junior tournaments and playing amateur golf, that's the way that we have been brought up in and we don't know any other different we don't know any different than that.

I've played so much golf with Brittany Lincicome, Brittany Lang, Morgan Pressel, they are my peers and we have a lot of respect for each other.

Q. How has the course changed?

PAULA CREAMER: It's definitely drying out. It was pretty wet that first match. It was kind of a little bit unplayable, but, you know, like I said, that was the good thing about match play was that it's the same for your opponent. Doesn't matter if it's against the whole field or whatnot. It's definitely dried up.

The greens are getting a little firmer. You could have just flown it to the flags all the time but now you have to add a little more release, a little more thinking, and that's good, that's what you want.

Q. How about pin placements?

PAULA CREAMER: Pin placements have been a little difficult, there have been some tough ones. Like I said, you're playing someone else, you're not playing the field, so it doesn't matter, as long as you make a better score than they do.

End of FastScripts.

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