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May 28, 2006

Kristopher Cox


Q. We were pulling for you.

KRIS COX: Thanks a lot. Tough day out there today. I didn't hit the ball near as well as I did yesterday, but was able to give myself a chance. Two unforced errors on the back 9 really kind of did me in, and Jeff obviously played an awesome back 9. It was nice to have a chance. I'm pleased with the tournament.

Q. Were you aware of the leaderboard and how everybody was packed in, five guys tied at one point?

KRIS COX: I wasn't until 11 when I looked on the big screen. That was pretty cool. I kind of wish I wouldn't have looked, but that was pretty fun. Nice knowing we had a chance and two birdies would have done it.

Q. You told us yesterday you had never been in that position. Did nerves play any factor?

KRIS COX: Yes. I was nervous all day long without a doubt from the first tee on. I calmed down a little bit. I'm nervous everyday, really, so it's just a little more nervous today.

Q. When you saw the leaderboard, how much did you change even more then?

KRIS COX: I knew I was right in there. No, it really didn't affect it that much, but again it was confirmation that I was in the golf tournament, so my juices were flowing.

Q. Did you expect maybe one guy was going to step up and seize the moment or a couple guys post some good scores today?

KRIS COX: You're so at the mercy of how you're hitting the ball. I wasn't hitting it that well. I couldn't get a feel for it if it was becoming easier or difficult. So I felt someone was going to go low today, and it turned out we were all bunched up pretty close for awhile.

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