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May 28, 2006

John Cook


Q. I'm with John Cook. It wasn't the outcome you were looking for. It never seemed to get quick enough.

JOHN COOK: No. It's hard to shoot at a lot of these flags. I made a lot of quality shots today. I missed some good opportunities for birdies. I thought I hit some pretty good putts. Last hole was really disappointing because I hit two good shots. Didn't get rewarded. Hit a good putt that didn't go in. Haven't been here in a long time. Little nerve racking for a little while. Kind of settled down and drew on some inspiration and watched Jeff make a couple bombs at the right time for him. Why he hasn't won out here more times than 3 times is amazing. He played a good round of golf.

Q. He gets awfully hot coming home?

JOHN COOK: He did. I rolled it well all day He made a couple good putts, 6, 8, 10 footers, which you have to do. He took advantage of some real good shots on the back side and brought it home on 16 and 17.

Q. Great to see you in contention.

JOHN COOK: Yeah, how about that? Top 10. It's been awhile.

Q. Thanks, John.

Today not anything happening there for you. What was the difference?

JOHN COOK: Got off to a good start. Birdied No. 1. Hit some good shots on the whole front side. Didn't get much reward for it. Backside, I hit just a bad drive off of 10, cost me and kind of battled, you know. Was not easy to get the ball close. I did birdie 16, and Jeff made eagle there. That was a big swing. 18 I hit two really good shots. Stepping on that. I hit two quality shots and didn't turn out very good, and it's disappointing, but, you know, I'm just drawing on that. I haven't really played golf in a long time, so it was fun to get out there and feel the nerves a little bit, and I hit some quality shots today. I'm not that disappointed. Disappointed with how I finished, but I'm not disappoint with how I hung in there.

Q. Were you aware of the whole leaderboard backed up?

JOHN COOK: Yeah. But I knew that it was going to be in our group. I just kind of had that feeling coming down the stretch, and Jeff had some good quality shots, and I didn't birdie 16. That was my downfall. He made a long one for eagle, which kind of cemented my fate, but you know what was going to happen. I thought 8 under would win. I thought 8 under had a good chance to win starting today. I hit some quality shots. Lot of good putts didn't go in today which had gone in the first couple days. I'm not disappointed.

Q. (Inaudible).

JOHN COOK: Yeah. Really, I haven't played. I didn't play from Honda to New Orleans about 8, 9 weeks and then didn't play, you know, a couple other weeks after that. So, you know, I've been playing at home. Like I said yesterday, it's a little different playing with your buddies and exchanging money one way or the other and having to sign your name on a scorecard. That's what we do.

I hung in there today. Jeff played great, and you know I felt this year I could beat and win again. The golf course that I know I played well in the past. Played well again this week.

Q. You get the sense people playing well enough

JOHN COOK: He did everything he was supposed to do. The first 9 holes he wasn't real sharp, but he made a couple nice par putts and in the backside took advantage of the couple real good shots and made a couple putts, and that's what you got to do, made a good 12 footer for par at 13 and then made the two bombs at 16 and 17. That's what happens when you win. Why he hasn't won more than three times is beyond me. That's one of our mysteries.

Q. In fact, low scores were hard to come by this week at this year's tournament. Do you like the fact it played a lot tougher?

JOHN COOK: Absolutely. If they get the date before the U.S. Open, this will be a great prep. It really would because this is a good golf course and deserves to have a good field and they have a nice field this week and Phil did a good job. Guys will come. If you come, it's the week before the U.S. Open, there's really no reason not to come here because this is a good club.

End of FastScripts.

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