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July 8, 2006

Juli Inkster


DANA GROSS RHODE: Juli finished 1 up over Annika. From 17, you had the ball that stopped on the edge of the cup, talk about from there on out.

JULI INKSTER: Well, Annika got off to a flying start. She birdied 1 and 2 and 4 and 7. I didn't get off to a flying start. I had some chances. I didn't really make some putts out there that I thought I should make.

I made the turn, we both hit it close on 9 and we both missed and I made the turn 2 down, because I birdied 8, which helped. I was playing well. I played the back side pretty much well all week.

So Annika bogeyed No. 10. Kind of short sided herself over there. It was a tough pin placement, so I was only 1 down.

Then she came back and birdied 11. So I'm 2 down, and you know, I hit a really good shot on 12 and a good shot on 13 and just didn't really capitalize on the putts. They are tough putts.

So I'm still 2 down. Then I hit two really good shots on 14. I left myself quite a long birdie putt there. I hit it a little firmer than I wanted to and I left myself about a 6 footer, but I made that.

So I go to 1 down and then I hit probably my best iron shot all week in the into No. 15 about ten feet away, but it broke a lot. Just hit a really nice putt in there.

Now I'm even. Game's on. I kind of flared my drive out to the right and Annika ripped hers, so there was a big yardage difference. I hit 4 iron and I was I needed to hit and release and it just stuck there and then Annika stuffed it. I had a perfect little chip, those are the ones you practice to try to make and most of the time you don't make it. I was fortunate enough to make it there and Annika hit a great putt there right on top of me.

I think we both thought we made our putts on 17. I know I thought I made mine.

18, I hit a great iron in there just about four feet and Annika missed hers and I made mine. I played the last six holes great. That's the thing with match play. It's all about momentum, it's all about, you know, trying to change the tide, trying to just play your own game and I feel very fortunate that I won. I really don't know what else to say.

Q. When get 3 down, four holes, is there a mind set that you've had throughout your career to overcome that?

JULI INKSTER: Well, I try not to panic. I don't panic. I think kind of the outlook I take on it is, it's golf, it's match play, anybody can beat anybody on any given day. Whether I win or lose, it doesn't change me as a person, doesn't change me as a player. I try to go out there and just play my own game. Sometimes you're going to get beater. Sometimes you're going to be the one that beats them. So I try not to just make more than it is.

Q. Last week in contention and this week, how tired are you feeling?

JULI INKSTER: You know what, I've played my best golf on that back side today. You know what last week, 36 holes in that wind and that golf course, it was tough.

Today it felt like a walk in the park, no wind. You know, and I have so much respect for Annika, not only as a player, as a person. I really enjoy playing with her and we had a great match out there. We talked, we commended each other on good shots, and I think Annika is kind of the same way. She doesn't try to make it any bigger than it is.

Q. The two of you went head to head at ShopRite. Any thoughts of that as you started playing?


Q. You and Annika Sorenstam.

JULI INKSTER: We did? This year?

Q. Last year.

JULI INKSTER: Oh, last year.

Q. Atlantic City.

JULI INKSTER: You know, Annika is up there every week. I mean, every week she's either in the lead or she's at the top. So you're going to go head to head with her once in a while.

She's ranked No. 1 player in the world. Probably if we played ten times, she's going to probably beat me seven times. So, you know, I don't really remember Atlantic City, but I know she won. But you know, she's won her share of tournaments.

Q. You must be exhausted. How are you going to refresh yourself tonight and also what kind of game are you going to have tomorrow for Paula?

JULI INKSTER: I'm going to get some dinner and relax and watch some TV and hopefully I'll play a good game tomorrow.

I know Paula is playing well. I played 36 holes with her last week at the Open. So, you know, I love Paula to death. She was my partner at the Solheim Cup team, so we're just going to go out there and play some golf and see what happens.

Q. Do you think it will be the older generation against the new generation of Americans tomorrow?

JULI INKSTER: Yeah, I mean, she's a few years older than my daughter, so I'm going to make her take good care of me tomorrow and respect me all the way.

Q. What did you use on 16?

JULI INKSTER: I used a 54 degree wedge.

Q. How far?

JULI INKSTER: I would say it was probably 14 paces.

End of FastScripts.

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