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July 8, 2006

Brittany Lincicome


DANA GROSS RHODE: Brittany just defeated Michelle Wie 4 & 3. Talk about your round.

BRITTANY LINICOME: It was a great round. I got up early which was a huge help. I missed like one fairway all day. I was making everything I looked at which helps. So just been playing really good all week, really.

Q. Just talk about the mental preparation for this match and knowing that you were going up against Michelle and the whole gallery thing and the Wie Mania and all that sort of stuff?

BRITTANY LINICOME: There really wasn't a lot of preparation. We only had an hour, hour and a half between rounds. I went and got a bite to eat and sat outside for a little bit and hit some balls, really was just trying not to think about it. Just trying to take it one hole at a time.

I said earlier, if I played like I did in the morning, if I shot under par, I was going to be satisfied and was just going to take it one hole at a time, really. There really wasn't any preparation.

Q. Do you think she was aware that you are No. 2 on the LPGA in driving distance? Do you think you might have surprised her with your length that you were out with her every shot?

BRITTANY LINICOME: She is definitely a long hitter. She was keeping up. But I think she probably would be around 2 or 3 on our tour.

Q. Do you think you surprised her with your length?

BRITTANY LINICOME: I played with her last year, so I think she kind of new going into it. I know how long she drives it, she knows how long I drive it. Especially with the par 5s, normally a course is to an advantage to me if I can reach a par 5 and my opponents can't.

Q. In this match, do you feel like maybe you're championing the cause of the players that kind of came up through the Amateur ranks rather than somebody who just kind of burst on to the scene here, and do you feel like that helps you in this sort of match play situation?

BRITTANY LINICOME: What was the beginning of that?

Q. Do you feel like you're carrying the standards for the kids that came up through the junior and amateur ranks?

BRITTANY LINICOME: I think so. I didn't have the Leadbetters and all the academies, really couldn't afford them, so it was always dad I and I doing it, doing the home school thing and all the sacrifices my family made. I think it shows girls that you don't have to have a lot of money to play golf or be really good to start off. It gives girls hope, I think.

Q. Your dad is still your dad, right?


Q. What sort of things did you talk about

BRITTANY LINICOME: Yeah, he does, if I get frustrated him and I can't talk to him, then I'll go talk to like the raker people, anybody, just to keep my mind off the game. Because I started talking to Michelle, but she was focusing on what she was trying to do. So I didn't want to mess her up or bother her, so I was trying to talk to anybody that would talk to me.

Q. What's his name?


Q. You're match up with Wie be obviously created a ton of attention. With a kind of impact can match ups between young players like you and Michelle have on the sport and on the LPGA?

BRITTANY LINICOME: I think it's good. I hate knocking both of us young players out. I would rather the young girls come in and take it over. But it's great for the LPGA, I'm hoping, the Tour. I definitely think we're growing and getting bigger and moving in the right direction.

Q. Michelle 3 putted 13 and then went into the bunker on 15, and she was in trouble on 14 and made the birdie and in trouble on 15. Did you feel you were getting to her or she was getting frustrated?

BRITTANY LINICOME: Yeah, a little bit, because she was kind of running out of holes. So it kind of strains on anybody when you know you have to win the next hole. It's kind of a lot of pressure. So just one bad swing

Q. Was there a time you felt in control?

BRITTANY LINICOME: Did I feel in control? Oh, yeah. About probably after like 13 or so, after I was still pretty good at 4 up and going into the last couple of holes, I knew she was going to have to win every hole out for me to lose the match.

Q. Can you just talk about what the win means in general and where this would rank, since you've been on the Tour for a relatively short time, where this would rank, getting to this point in your career so far?

BRITTANY LINICOME: How would this win affect my career? Any win would be great. I don't care if it's a regular LPGA event or this. It would be awesome. It would be what I've been trying to do the last year and a half or so now. It would be great. I'd probably cry or, I don't know, do a back flip if I could. What was the next question?

A couple tournaments, four tournaments ago, I had made all the money I made last year already at the beginning of the year, which I'm sorry, but I love money. (Laughing) That was a huge accomplishment all in itself just to be here.

I've always wanted to play match play. I played it pretty good as a junior, Canon Cup and all those. I felt I was pretty good at match play. I like to be aggressive. I like to go for the par 5s. I like to go for a lot more shots in match play.

Q. Last Sunday, what happened in the second round on Sunday, and was that a worry at all for you, knowing you had to play 36 holes?

BRITTANY LINICOME: It was only an hour in there where I made the bogey and made the double and just couldn't get my emotions in check. Like I said, I like to try to talk to people that will talk to me and I just wasn't talking to anybody. I was in a frumpy mood and it kind of ruined the whole day, the second round, or the second round on Sunday. It was only about an hour in there where I wasn't having a good time, wasn't having a good time.

If I'm smiling and having a good time, then you know I'm playing good. I had a double, just hit it I was in the fairway, hit it to the back of the green, putted it up, missed it, putted back, missed it, like 4 putted it, basically. Pretty frustrating and couldn't keep my head up.

Q. Was it any more special because you beat Michelle because she has been so hyped and there's so much attention paid to her, where you were just, you know, a very good player who came in under the radar a little more?

BRITTANY LINICOME: I actually think there was more pressure on her than me because nobody really expected me to beat her. So I was just going out, you know, going to try to have fun with it, going to try to make a couple birdies like I had done all week. So I honestly think there was more pressure on her than on me.

Q. Do you think it was more special because you beat her?

BRITTANY LINICOME: Oh, it was huge. That was great. (Laughter).

Q. A couple of us who were out there thought there were a few interesting concessions and non concessions, especially on No. 6 where I think you gave her a short putt and she didn't give you a short putt. Did you get a sense that any of that little gamesmanship was going on here and there, or even from your point of view?

BRITTANY LINICOME: I tried giving her a bunch of stuff. My match in the morning took forever, so I was trying to speed things up, giving 2 and 3 footers. A couple times I was looking at the putt and I'm like, why didn't she give me that? But whatever she wanted to do.

I kind of tried to go out expecting nobody to give me anything. Like this morning I had a 6 inch putt for birdie a and the girl didn't give it to me. So I kind of expect anyone to not give me anything, and if they do, it's great if not I'm going to putt it out no big deal.

I tried giving her we're on the LPGA Tour, we're not going to miss 2 , 3 footers, not likely. So I just gave it to her and just kept going. I wasn't trying to do anything on purpose. I wasn't trying to be mean or anything. I was giving them to her and if she gave them back, great.

Q. You spoke about money. I had read that a year and a half ago or so you were still taking baby sitting jobs; is that true, overstated, understated?

BRITTANY LINICOME: Oh, yeah. I used to baby sit and do everything I could to make money. I love money. (Laughter) I said that before. I have one little girl that was 12 that her paints would go out of town for like a week at a time and I'd watch her for the whole week. Yeah, I used to do anything, yard sales, whatever.

Q. As a long hitter, do you consider at all the possibility of playing against the men and why or why not?

BRITTANY LINICOME: Like people have said out here, if you can't beat Annika, you don't need to go play an another tour. If you're not No. 1 on this tour, you don't need to go on to another tour. So after I dominate this one, maybe I'll try it, but it's definitely not anywhere in my future.

Q. How much did you earn for the week baby sitting?

BRITTANY LINICOME: Oh, actually a lot. I thought it was a lot, like $200 or $300 a week. It was a lot at the time.

Q. Has your dad been your main coach growing up and what does he do for a living?

BRITTANY LINICOME: When I was younger, he was. I've had a coach now I've had coaches in the past but when I first started out for the first year or so he was my coach and I have a coach now that I've had for many three years. And we actually own a day care. So my mom and dad both run it.

Q. Se Ri said this morning that she did not talk to her at all; that she tried to talk to her and she didn't say a word during the round. Did she talk at all?

BRITTANY LINICOME: Not really. I played with her last year at the Open and I thought I remember her talking more, because I was kind of excited playing with her, somebody that I knew. I thought she would talk more but she honestly didn't. I would tell her "good shot" and she would say nothing in return. Maybe she was just focused. Maybe I was messing her up by trying to talk to her, but yeah, she really wasn't talking a lot.

Q. Because she's not talking, do you get the feeling she's having fun out there at all?

BRITTANY LINICOME: I think so, when she's playing well. When she's not playing well, nobody has fun. But when she's playing well, I think she's definitely having fun.

Q. She said that she thought she played well, but she got some bad breaks. Would you agree with that?

BRITTANY LINICOME: You know, I don't remember there being any like bad kicks or I don't think. She had a couple putts where she blew it by.

Q. Tomorrow you're going to play against Lorena. What kind of preparation are you going to have for that game?

BRITTANY LINICOME: Really just not thinking about it and try not to get ahead of myself. Just going to go out like I said, the last couple of days, try to make my birdies and if I make four or five birdies a round; if I lose, she must have played really, really good. There's nothing I can do about it. Like I said a couple of days ago, I hate playing friends, Lorena is in my group from fellowship, so we're pretty good friends, but we'll be talking a lot, that's good.

Q. What has really clicked for you the last few weeks and what part is there a part of you that wants to be sort of part of this young class with the Paulas and Morgans and Michelles, does that drive you at all?

BRITTANY LINICOME: Just driving and putting are coming together. Normally I would do one good, but the other one won't be there.

So this week, for some reason they are both coming together. I'm hitting the fairways, I'm making the putts. And yeah, I want people to know me as well as Morgan and Paula and them because I'm not in the shadows, but, you know, I guess I kind of am. People don't really know me as much as them when, you know, I came through the Junior ranks with them. We played junior golf forever. So, yeah, I'll have my time.

End of FastScripts.

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