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May 27, 2006

Tim Herron


JOAN vt ALEXANDER: Alright. I'd like to start this out as a leader entering the final round, Tim Herron and Tom Pernice are the winners of this week's AstraZeneca charity. A hundred thousand dollars will be donated to the National Asthma Screening Program on behalf of FedEx St. Jude Classic.

TIM HERRON: Yeah. Thanks. It's a great charity and we're real excited that you guys are with the Tour. Thanks again. It's been a fun two weeks in a row to lead that.

JOAN vt ALEXANDER: Alright. To the golf.

Well, you hung on out there and I know it was tough. Everybody was talking about how tough it was this afternoon. Talk about your day out there.

TIM HERRON: Well, I felt like I was going to kind of shoot pretty low today and it didn't really quite happen.

I missed a putt on 10, 11 to kind of keep things going and just kind of hung on out there. Hit some poor shots coming down the stretch but hopefully get some rest and that should help, you know. You know, it's kind of a shoot out. Some came back pretty far and shot a low score. You still got to go out there and try to get it.

JOAN vt ALEXANDER: Questions, please?

Q. How difficult are these greens to putt?

TIM HERRON: Well, you know, I've read them pretty well on the front 9 and then the back 9 there's a few tricky ones. They're a lot faster than they look so you know, they're pretty tough. You just hang in there and hope you have another birdie putt at it.

Q. You were bearing down at the end. Do you feel like you were staggering in at that point or looking forward to tomorrow?

TIM HERRON: Tomorrow, regroup, get to Tom. Hit a couple balls this afternoon and just take it easy tonight, get some sleep and go out and grind it out tomorrow in 95 degree heat. It's a good way to lose weight.

Q. It seemed there in the last four holes or so that you may have been struggling a little bit off the tee. Was there something not working originally? What was happening?

TIM HERRON: I wasn't staying in the shot. You know, I couldn't get my grips real, real dry and I just didn't want to lose it left so I lost it right and that's what I have to do, I really have to commit to my shots tomorrow to have a chance to win this golf tournament.

Q. You've spoken of your affection and friends you have in the city and everything else. Do people do well in cities they like or do they like cities in which they do well?

TIM HERRON: Wow, that's like a I don't know what that is. You want to say that again?

Q. Not a prayer.

TIM HERRON: Yeah, I think so. You know, I've always played well on this golf course. I don't think it has anything to do with the charity.

I know I come back here because of the charity and I like the golf course. Even if I didn't like the golf course, I would probably come back because of the charity so I enjoy Memphis and the home cooking here in Memphis.

Q. Your motivation for coming here has a lot to do with Target House and is that there's a charity of yours.

TIM HERRON: Well, you know, once a player becomes more hands on 11 years ago Target took me in the grand opening in Target House and showed me what they do for children and it was pretty amazing and I wanted to be a part of that and the. And they've opened their arms out to me.

Just to give a little bit, you know, to get to get a smile out of these kids, it's awesome. They haven't done anything to do deserve what they have going on. Just to give them a little bit of happiness, little bit of joy, you know, it's really not that big a deal for me, you know.

Q. You're going to go work on a couple shots.

How nice is it though even with maybe dropping down to 7 under to be in this position, have a share of the lead going into Sunday for a second straight win?

TIM HERRON: Yeah. Yeah, I can get used to that. I guess she's prepping me over here. Yeah, I mean it's you know, of course, I wanted a little bigger lead but because I didn't have it to 9 under but hung in there, grinded and, you know, to be in the lead is still in the lead.

I mean they still have to come and get us so it's going to be a horse race, exciting tournament. So I hope everyone enjoys it and I hope I see you guys tomorrow.

JOAN vt ALEXANDER: Thank you Tim for joining us.

End of FastScripts.

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